Sunday, August 26, 2007

One down...

Exhilaration... Relief... Lighter head... :) These were my feelings yesterday... One paper down! But another one to go... sigh...

No more of looking at this pile of stuff which I have been doing for the past few weeks... arghh... And these...
And these...
Yay! Next paper now... Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hard-wickedly GOOD

After the somewhat gross experience of my blood test, I decided to give myself a treat by having a nice lunch with good company. My good friend and I decided to give a rather new place a try. It's called Hardwicke House, just near Northam Tower in Penang. I must say, the whole experience is Hard-wickedly awesome! Fine dining has reached another level with this restaurant, and best of all, at a much affordable price too! We went there on a Sunday afternoon. The place was still empty as we were rather early.

Hardwicke House standing majestically among the ancient buildings

It opens at 11.30am for lunch, and we were there just 5 minutes before. :) So we were asked politely to wait for a moment, at the cozy waiting area that they have. Seriously, the couches were so comfy that I certainly did not mind waiting longer!

Nice comfortable couches and cushions

Of course, these nice couches are not meant ONLY to be waiting areas. They serve as places to relax for patrons who prefer a drink after their dinners. Obviously, they will not be used much during the day time though... :)

This is the pub area during day time

After a short 5 minutes, we were shown to our table. I was really impressed with the decor in the dining area as well. The chandelier looked so grand and instantly boosted the restaurant's elegance. The tables and chairs are also set perfectly, complete with wine glasses and greenery.

After going through the emotional thrills of admiring the restaurant's fine decor (I swear, the waiters there must have thought I was a 'kampung' girl, taking pics of every nook and corner of the place :P), it is time to sit down and savour the food!

I ordered the set lunch of the day, which, I must say, was really a good value for money. They had 3 choices to be chosen from, either Deboned chicken (RM18.80++), Steamed seabass (RM23.80++) or Beef (RM28.80++). All the sets came with a rolls, salad, dessert and a beverage of choice. See, the price is really not bad, not bad at all. :)

The first course was the bread and butter. Even their butter was delicately carved and neatly arranged in a pretty plate. I don't know what's the difference among the 3 types of butter, but I personally liked the one on the left. It is not salty and does not taste buttery at all! Makes a girl think she's having a healthy diet. :P

Fresh bread hot off the oven

After the bread, came the salad. I regret that I forgot to take pics of the salad... :( It was a nice salad with a nyonya twist to it. The usual leaves and some bread crumbs were there, but the dressing was actually a slightly spicy, nyonya-like sauce, with dash of crushed peanuts. It is not unlike the sauce that you get when you eat "pasembur", you know what I mean? Interestingly, this blend does give rise to a much delightful taste, making me hunger for more.

The main course came next, again, meticulately arranged as usual. The deboned chicken was marinated just fine, with its essential juices intact, oozing out with every bite. The seabass was quite a sizable portion, and very fresh too!

Deboned chicken

Steamed seabass... perfect!

The dessert was served next. Instead of the dessert offered by the set lunch, we opted for a different dessert, which was apparently one of their famed dishes. I don't exactly know what is the name, but I heard the waiter mentioning something about the Chocolate Lava. Hmmm... even the name itself was already enticing enough. The chocolate cake on the left was actually shaped to be like a well, with the centre filled with glorious melted chocolate. The cake surrounding the chocolate 'lava' was simply fantabulous! Just the right amount of moist and the right amount of chocolate, without being too sweet. Couple that with some ice-cream, it was indeed a hot and cold explosion which was totally unforgettable! I highly recommend this dessert even if you feel full after your main course. It is absolutely worth it!

The chocolate lava dessert

Chocolate lava 'exploded' ;)

After the fully satisfying main course and dessert, it was time for our beverages. Since I'm not a fan of coffee and tea seemed too old school, I chose hot chocolate instead. I must seldom, very seldom do I find restaurants that offer hot chocolates as part of the set. Nevertheless, the hot chocolate was just so-so. It was nothing too great to boast about, probably faded in comparison with the marvellous chocolate lava. :)

Before I left, I went to the washroom for a peek. Even the basins looked modern and stylish. The decoration within the washroom area was indeed comforting to say the least.

Overall, I must say that this is definitely a place to go AGAIN. I was truly satisfied and impressed. Oh, might I add, the waiters were a friendly bunch as well. Add that to the reasonable price we paid for the wholesome meal, what more could one ask for? :)

Blood test... argh...

It was a cool and clear Sunday morning, and I have fasted for the last 10 hours... for this! A long, overdue blood test! It has been almost 2 years since I've last done one, I suppose it's a good time for a check up. Went to BP Lab and signed a waiver form (in case anything happened to me, they won't be responsible... I'm talking about the potential of getting diseases/infection from the needles...*sweat*). Then they showed me the syringe, big and sharp.

The lady was shy when I took pictures, but she ended up saying she's done this many times before, and didn't mind. So of I went and shoot shoot shoot... Now that she's ready, she hunted for my veins and swipe my arm with alcohol ( I guess). Then came the shot... slowly, steadily, and OWW... prick! Blood started to flow into the syringe at high speed. :P

My arms getting ready to be pricked

Check out the blood oozing at high pressure...

After the initial prick, it was actually not painful anymore. But I still did not dare to look at the needle. Thank goodness it's over in less than a minute. I don't know why but I feel cleaner, now that I have 'renewed' some 50ml of blood? *LOL*

Results came out a few days later and I'm healthy! Healthy healthy babe! :)