Monday, July 30, 2007

Black magic?

I've always received mails about how people get 'spelled' from dark magic or spiritual forces, but I never knew that it is really true. Sometimes you really need own personal experience to actually appreciate what others have gone through, albeit how unbelievable they can be.

I have an uncle who recently retired. He was previously a manager in a well-known MNC. Anyway, about a few weeks ago, he went down with fever. At first it was a normal fever, then the temperature kept rising. Panadols couldn't help, same went with Chinese herbal tea... The temperature just didn't nudge, in fact, it went higher and higher... until at one point, my aunt got too worried and sent my uncle to the hospital. He was there under inspection for a few days, and at first the doctors blamed it on the Chinese herbal tea that my uncle took. All I can say is that, doctors being doctors, they would conveniently blame it on Chinese medicine whenever possible, so that it reflects how superior 'western' medicine is. Anyway, he stayed in the ward for a couple of days, but didn't seem to respond well to medication. He was then moved to the ICU for apparent reasons.

The doctors inspected him and mentioned something about his lungs filled with water. He was having difficulty breathing at times and his fever was still there. Things started to get worrying when he didn't get any better after a whole week in the ICU. His symptoms seemed to be changing daily, sometimes attacks to his lungs, sometimes his liver, etc. My aunt then got a Chiense qigong master to help look into my uncle. This master is very experienced and has been proven to heal people with his immense 'qi'. He has even cured patients with cancer before. So this master visited my uncle and tried to help him, but what he said surprised us all. He said he tried to 'pump' in his qi through my uncle's body but it wouldn't go through. What was most unbelievable was that the master said my uncle was casted with black magic, which was preventing him from healing. I really was skeptical at first when I heard the story... Could this really be true?

My aunt, of course, not letting go all options, asked around her friends for any known bomoh. She managed to find one and the bomoh confirmed of this dark magic casted on my uncle. Fortunately, he managed to 'exorcise' this magic away from his body, and also put on a 'shield' such as to prevent further attacks. My uncle's daughter, a.k.a. my cousin, is working in the UK, and she recently met with a serious car accident. Her car was crashed to the point of total loss, but fortunately she was okay. The bomoh heard about this and said that it could part of the black magic's power as well, perhaps it was casted to hurt the whole family. It really gives me goosebumps just to type about this. My uncle was much better after the 'treatment' and we're all glad that he's improving now. I'm sure my cousin was scared the hell out of her... being alone in the foreign country, and to know that she herself was vulnerable to this spell.

We still did not manage to find out who in the world would cast such a horrible spell on my uncle. Our initial suspect is probably someone who got retrenched from my uncle's ex-company previously, and wanted to retaliate. Well, I must say this is really spooky, and it goes to show that extraordinary powers really do happen. At the end of the day, it is really much much safer to be in the good books of other people, rather than to make enemies.

To everyone reading this post, I really hope to get feedback from you guys if you have encountered personal experience before as well. Thank you in advance!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday evening jam...

I know it's already Saturday now, but I have always wanted to complain about Friday evening jams in Penang! For the benefit of those in the dark, Penang is actually an island located away from the Peninsular Malaysia. Due to the lack of land in the small island, a growing number of residents are choosing to live in the peninsular to avoid congestion and the fast growing and ever increasing property prices in the island. Couple that with the fact that on Friday, there is also a number of residents in Penang who go back to their hometowns outstation, there is a sudden outflux of vehicles on every Friday evening. No thanks to our one and only bridge leading the vehicles away from the island, you guessed it, the road towards to the Penang bridge is ALWAYS, mark my words, ALWAYS bumper to bumper!

That is irritating not only to those who are heading towards the Penang bridge, but also to those who are staying in the island, but need to use the same road along the way to the Penang bridge. This is the road we Penangites call the coastal highway, which leads to the Penang bridge and many other areas in Penang. I, for one, am affected because the area where I stay is located very near the bridge. Hence, I am one of the victims of Friday night jams.. :( From my somewhat limited but sufficient experience, I have learnt that in order to avoid being part of the congestion, one must leave office AT 5pm, SHARP. The earlier the better, of course. However, once you leave AFTER 5pm, the coastal highway will be jammed and it will take forever to reach home!

This is the picture I took from my apartment, I don't remember what time I took it, but it was definitely a Friday evening...

Yeah the picture is not very clear, but you can see on the road, there are actually many cars judging from the red backlights. THAT is the coastal highway in Penang.

Now here is another picture I took just from my apartment... Also jampacked with cars:

Sigh... I look forward to Fridays definitely, but not the jam! Oh well, ups and downs to everything! On a another note, since I've taken pictures anyway, I would like to post a picture of the view from my apartment taken on dusk, Friday.

A nice blue seaview... :) Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

The laxative effect

Hooray, my pimples are clearing up! :) I'm starting to see a new glimpse of hope, a ray of light, muahaha... Smooth radiant skin, welcome back! And it's all thanks to the yucky chinese medicine I took, 10 bowls in all!

I was too worried with my condition last weekend and went to see a chinese physician. The good thing with chinese physician is that they do not need to take your temperature, listen to your heart beat with stethoscope, poke you with needles, etc etc. They just touch your pulse, listen and voila! They know what's wrong with you. Hehe.. As for my case, I'm apparently down with heatiness, lack of water in my body... not because I don't drink enough, but because my kidneys are weak, hence unable to generate enough water for my body. So I had to take this chinese medicine, with all the leaves, herbs, powders, roots, ugly black things... Boil all of them together using 4 bowls of water, until it becomes 1 bowl. That surely needs some skill in estimation.

And the smell... YUCK! It's horrible horrible smell, even the smell alone 'tastes' bitter. No matter, I have to drink to get well. At least, it's a one shot thingy, so just get it over and done with. The doc said I need to drink at least 5 packets of those medicine (what?!!!) to cure completely... so I obediently followed his advice, one packet a day. The funny part was, after the 4th packet, I felt my stomach being windy, and growling nonstop. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, so much so I could not really study at night, for my upcoming test.

When I downed the final bowl, the same effect occurred again. This time, it became worse, up to the point where it's like diarrhea! Had to go to the toilet and then it dawned on me, that my medicine has laxative effect! Man it was a really LONG call and I felt so much better after that! I called my parents right after and told them about this, my dad was so funny.. he said it's good that I let it out... The 'heat' has come out from my body. Muahaha.. :S Anyway, I dont' really care since it's over now... Clear face is more important to me. Ciao... :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Dear diary,

What is happening to me??? I am getting pimples constantly... I used to have a clear and smooth face and lately, pimples are popping out of my forehead area like nobody's business! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but I'm getting a CONSTANT stream of pimple on my forehead. It only appears one at a time, and when one subsides, another one surfaces! That is so irritating and disconcerting as well... :(

I went back to my hometown last weekend, and went to see a chinese physician to check on my health. Apart from my constant breakout stream, I also have very dry and chapped lips. The physician told me that I have weak kidneys (oh my! more and more problems surfacing) and that I need to drink some chinese herbs to 'cure' my kidney so that it can rehydrate my body... which leads to the dry lips and pimple breakout I suppose. Oh well, no harm trying I guess. The drawback though, is that the medicine is black and thick and bitter... yuck! Hopefully I get better soon... :)

All right, back to work. It's only Tuesday... TUUUEESSSDAAYYY.. sigh.. I missing my weekend already!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

How vain am I? =P

You Are 37% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.

You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

Not THAT vain eh... But then again, hey, girls are supposed to be vain right! ^^'

Friday, July 6, 2007

To share or not to share?

Sharing the tab, I meant... One of the topics boggling the minds of us girls has always been the issue of $$. Yes, pure, cold, hard, cash! For example, when a girl goes out with a guy, is it expected for the guy to fork out for meals? Is this an 'expectation' or is this a 'gentleman' rule? In my humble opinion, it is always a guy's responsibility to make sure his girl is well-fed and comfy, and if that includes providing for her meals all the time, so be it! Don't you agree? If not to provide protection and security, why do we need guys anyway?

Yes, some might argue, protection and security do not only come in the form of cold hard $. At the end of the day, what a girl wants is someone who is there for her, who stands by her side no matter what happens.. or is it? Well, back to the point of sharing the tab or not?

I guess if the guy is someone who is stable financially ( I'm talking about a guy who makes more money than he can spend, who is fully contented with what he has, and who is not burdened with numerous loans to pay back :P), it is only sensible for him to fork out most of the time. I mean, it's not that girls are stingy or anything, but it makes us feel special you know? That someone is providing for us, it makes us feel secured. On the other hand, if you're talking about a guy who has just started working, who is burdened by substantial car loan, study loan, etc etc, then it is just not good to expect too much from him. He's probably having a hard time himself to make ends meet, and to provide for you as well? It's going to be tough, babe! And so, you might ask, why fall for this guy? Again, back to my point above, some girls just do not equate security and comfort to cold hard $. Probably this guy has what it takes to be a good father in the future? Or this guy is just so ambitious, you feel strongly to be part of his life, to see him succeed, to see him make it? Trust me, there is nothing sexier than seeing a guy fighting with high spirits just to reach his goals, and to know that his goals include providing you a good, nice dinner. ;) Awww, isn't that just SO sweet?

So, my conclusion here is that, we girls have to be understanding once in a while. Yes it is good to be spoilt and flourished with gifts and flowers and fine dining.. but if our guy is striving hard to achieve that, just take a step back, appreciate what he is doing... and of course, it doesn't hurt to give him a treat sometimes! ;)

A second match!

Just to see if I can come up with the same results! Looks like it didn't happen... Second match has more celebrities, and might I add, multi-racial too! =))

Celebrity lookalike...

Check this out... I didn't know Sammi Cheng and I have more than 70% similarity! Muahaha