Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas month at Singapore...

I have always heard from my friends and colleagues that during the Christmas month, Singapore is always very nicely lit up, especially at the Orchard Road. Well I was lucky enough to have the chance to experience the night scene in Singapore just recently, and I was not disappointed. *wink*

On my first night there, I went to Bugis and saw very pretty decorations outside of Bugis Junction Mall. Somehow, the spiral lightings reminded me of the Chinese spiral joss sticks... :P

Outside Bugis Junction Mall, Singapore
Outside Bugis Junction Mall and BHG

Then I walked from here towards Suntec City, and asked for directions to the Esplanade. I suppose being a foreigner, I should feel rather proud to be able to make my way to Esplanade without much fuss. *LOL* It was a weeknight and drizzling as well, so it was very much quieter than usual.

Esplanade, Singapore
Esplanade at night

After walking such a long distance :P, I thought it was only fair to treat myself to a supper, somewhat. Anyway, I tried the famous Singapore Hokkien noodles which was very much different than the one found in Penang. However, I regret to say that the taste did not live up to expectations... Or I just didn't go to the correct stall. Too bad for me...
Singapore Hokkien noodles

With a full stomach, I then proceeded to the nearby Merlion. Of course, you wouldn't have been to Singapore if you had not visited this landmark, people say. True to its legend, the Merlion indeed fascinated me with its majestic size and posture. It was as if its presence demanded full attention. Truly amazing...

Nearby, the skyscrapers lit up magnificently and made the whole night scene look alive.
Fullerton Hotel, Singpapore
Fullerton Hotel
Fullerton hotel

The next night, I ended up at the famed Orchard Road, which was also the busiest part of Singapore, according to the cab driver. He didn't even want to drop me at Orchard Road itself, for fear that he would not be able to get out of the terrible jam himself. Instead, he dropped me off at the end of Orchard Road, which was actually fine for me, since I wanted to experience walking along the busiest road in Singapore during Christmas month. ;) Might I say, I was not disappointed...

Orchard road

Orchard road

Some of the malls were also decorated very nicely in the interior, such as this one I took from Wisma Atria.
Wisma Atria

Xmas @ Wisma Atria
Wisma Atria

And who could have missed the gigantic Christmas tree which was propped up at the entrance of Paragon in Orchard Road? I swear to you my camera just did not do the justice as to how HUGE the tree was. And it was nothing less than magical. It was definitely my favourite Christmas tree out of all that I've seen so far. :)
Paragon Christmas tree

Paragon Christmas tree
Outside Paragon
Orchard road
Across Scotts Road, near Orchard
Overall, I have to say that it is really true what they say about Singapore becoming alive at night during the magical month of December. Experiencing it for the first time made it all the more special to me. Since it's so near to Christmas, it is apt to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Time to start with your New Year resolutions list right now... ;)

Friday, December 21, 2007

My best friend's wedding...

I've known her for only 7 years but it feels like I've known her forever. We met in the university about 7 years ago. It was very coincidental that she knew one of my friends and I knew one of her friends beforehand. I still remember, I was the only one in my school who managed to get a place in the university, and hence, I had no friends there. I was nervous beyond words, worried about who I was going to hang out with, who I was sharing my room with, who I was going to walk to classes with, lunch with... just everything! And I was sharing my fear with one of my friends on the night before the first day at uni. It so happened that this friend had another friend who's also attending the same uni as I, and he told me her name and gave me her picture and assured me that she's a lovely person and asked me to go approach her.

So I remembered her name and on the next day, nervous still, I went to uni, surrounded by a sea of hundreds of strangers and started proceeding to different counters for registration. I was sitting inside the hall filling in my form, when I saw her. She was sitting right in front of me, filling up her form as well and I saw her name on the form. It rang a bell. And I was so relieved to know she's there, even though I did not really know her yet. After registering, we all proceeded to our rooms and I was the first one to reach. I was supposed to have another 3 room mates, and I guess fate really planned it. She was in the same room as mine! So we met and got to know each other.

7 years down the road... we're still very close friends. I cannot possibly imagine how my uni life would be without her. She's always there when I was up or down and I could just rely on her for advice and for her ears. Of course, I loved the time when both of us sat in front of the PC and watched downloaded The O.C. and ate junk food! Or the late nights that we stayed up just talking, even when the lights were already off. Those were the good old days... days that I would never be able to experience anymore... simply because... she's married! And words could not really express how happy I am for her. :)
Roasted pig in its glory

This post is especially dedicated to her, and also to all the great years of our friendship. You know who you are. I was there when you got to know him, I was there when you were smiling every time after you came back from your dates, I was there when you cried for him... But ultimately, I was extremely touched when you told me he's the one you could call your own. That was so sweet. Deep down, I know that he's the one who could make you happy. And I could see that from your face on your wedding day. It was as if this was what you've been waiting for all your life... It was so... meant-to-be. Perhaps that's why you told me you were never scared or nervous of getting married to him. It was just... natural. :)

I would be lying if I told you that I never envied you. When I knew you back then, I was never in love before. I did not really know how love was supposed to be. But I guess you just showed it to me. And I wished I was able to share your experience, to exchange stories with you... but I guess love didn't come to me until much later... LOL.

Now you've moved on to the next stage in life. You've become a Missus, OMG! Can you imagine? And soon you're going to be a mother! I can't believe how time flies and how things have changed since then. You do realize that you're always walking the path earlier than me, right? Which is actually a good thing, because I will ALWAYS have a reference when the same thing happens to me in the future. :) That aside, I have every faith that you will become the fabulous wife that every man dreams to have, the greatest mother that every kid will become proud of, the daughter-in-law that every mother wishes to have... and most of all, I know you'll still be the wonderful friend that you are right now.

May you have all the happiness that you very much deserve... and may our friendship withstand the test of time and distance! *wink* Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, girl!
Awaiting the groom in the room

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Can love change a person?

I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine (you know who you are, girl *wink*) this morning and we were talking on the topic of love and personality. Well, we were talking about how couples have to be compatible in terms of character and personality in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship. Of course, we do not believe that there is one such couple that could be compatible in all senses without having to compromise.

My argument was, if one loves someone enough, then one would not mind going the extra mile and changing to be a better person for him/her. For example, I used to have a male friend who was always the clubbing and flirting king. Practically every girl in school knew who he was and he must have attended clubs way before we're even allowed to. Then, he met someone.

Someone who changed his life, literally. I've never seen him so in love before. He went to such an extent just to get to know that girl, and to get her number and finally to get her out. And the transformation from then on was just amazing. I couldn't believe it myself, and so said my fellow friends. He minimized his outings to clubs just for the girl and he became loyal. =) I was always very amazed by the power of love, and I respected him tremendously. So I said love CAN change someone.

But on the other hand, my friend was saying a person's character just simply cannot change. It is only a matter of compromising. When one is willing to give up his/her bad habits, it doesn't mean he/she has changed. It merely means that he/she is compromising and trying to avoid doing things that will create unhappiness. All because of love. And I believe she does have a point. Changing a habit/character means that it stays on forever, no matter there is love or not... but Compromising... means that it is only done purely out of love.

I suppose there is a bit of truth in both our stands. I believe it takes more than a great man to make a change for the better, for his loved one.

And that man... earns my respect. What do you think? :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

P.S. I Love You...

I have just finished reading this wonderfully amazing and lovely book by Cecelia Ahern, called P.S. I Love You... and might I say, I am now obsessed with waiting for the movie to be released! I really hope it reaches Malaysia! :) This is the book...

Sometimes, you have to live life one letter at a time
It is about a young woman, Holly, who's so very in love with her husband, Gerry. Unfortunately, Gerry passed away because of brain tumor, and Holly was simply devastated. She used to live her life, used to exist just because of Gerry. After his death, she was simply shattered, broken, falling apart and crying every single minute. She was lost. She was unfocused. She just didn't want to live anymore.

Gerry foresaw this to happen and he thoughtfully prepared a bundle of messages to be addressed to Holly after he passed away. He wrote her 10 messages, all in different envelopes, meant for different months of the year. Each message was filled with either notes of encouragement or things to do to make her life better. But on top of it all, each message was always ended with P.S. I love you... Isn't that the sweetest thing?

The book revolves around Holly's friends as well, namely Sharon and Denise... and their amazing bond and closeness. It makes you reflect on who your real friends are, and to appreciate them more. The book is definitely a good read to get some light-hearted laughs, to discover one's romantic side and to have a good cry!

The movie apparently is coming out on the Dec 21st '07 in the US and Jan 4th worldwide. I really can't wait! :))) Official site