Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lost Seafood place

What happens when you try to be smart? You end up being sesat... I was supposed to meet with 2 friends for dinner yesterday night at the Paya Terubong seafood restaurant at 7.30pm. So anyway, just before 7.30pm, my bf and I reached that place and I was SO sure it was the restaurant with the signboard: Paya Terubong seafood restaurant. I was positive we went there before... so we went in and waited, and waited and ordered some drinks. Then I started sending out sms to my friends who were late. Apparently they're nearby, WALKING towards the restaurant. So ok, we waited again.. still no sign of them! Then one of them called me and said, "Eh, I ask you one very good question ar... where are you now?". And I excitedly exclaimed, "Paya Terubong Seafood Restaurant mar!!". Apparently, there were TWO restaurants nearby, at different shop lots. The second one was named "Terubong seafood centre". How confusing... Well, we had to finish up the drinks quickly and walked over to the next place. Sheesshhh sesatnya...

Back to the dinner... food was not that great. The place was famous for ikan bakar, or in hokkien it's called 'peng hu'. It might be the same reason my throat is feeling a bit sore today.. :( Well, we ordered one peng hu, lady's fingers, fried sotong, fried beancurd and stirfry snails! Yes, the type where you need to suuuccckkk it all the way until the idiot comes out. :P As you can see, most of the food were fried... the fried seafood beancurd was so lousy. For someone who LOVES taufu, this is really a bad experience. The other fried sotong was more of eating flour than sotong! It was like an empty shell... yuck! The peng hu was OK and so was the lady's fingers. Basically these were the 2 that made my dinner worthy. For the 4 of us with 5 dishes, it cost almost RM17 per person. Hmmm.. not too expensive, but I'm very sure I would have got nicer food with the same amount of price. ;)

Yay, tonight I'm watching Shrek 3! I was so surprised my Saucer got the tickets secretly without my knowledge.. and yesterday he just passed them to me. It was meant to be a surprise, a sweet one, I must say. :) He doesn't like to watch cartoons/animation in the cinema, thinking it's not that worthwhile, but he went to buy the tickets just for ME.. a shrek fan. :) Will write again after I watch the movie... :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Training again!

No time to write much... I am at work today but I'm going to rush for my training in no time! Another whole day of listening to lectures... sigh... Well it's at least better than working in a way... haha.. The best part is we get free nice lunch! Woohoo! Ciao!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First ever blog post

I have no idea what to write but I'm just excited to have my first ever post in the internet! Hmm, let me see what should I talk about... Well, I just came back from Fraser's Hill. Overall it's quite a BORING place... Nothing much to do there except to enjoy the cold weather (which turned up not to be that cold anyway) and the scenery. Really, if you're not a nature person, you might not enjoy this place at all!

We stayed at Pines Resort, 5 of us. The apartment was huge and had 3 rooms. The only sad part was we had to walk up like 10-12 flights of stairs to our floor! It's actually a 4-storey apartment, but somehow, it's situated on the hillside, so the first 4 flights of stairs were just to reach the most bottom floor. My goodness.. every journey up the apartment was a pure torture! The only good part about it was we had the top floor, which means we had the penthouse. The advantage of the penthouse is there was an extra floor upstairs, which contained the master bedroom. Very spacious indeed. But lesson learnt here: Don't get the apartment at the hillside, save the extra 4 flights of stairs! :)

First day at Fraser's, went to Jeriau waterfall. It was a 4km winded journey to reach there. Very unworthy, if you ask me. Once you're there, you need to park the car and walk inside for almost 2km, not mentioning you need to climb steps at some part of the journey too! Phew... if not for the cooling weather, I'd have sweated like I was just out of shower... Nothing great at this place really, not exceptionally high waterfall and the water was not exactly clean too. Hmmm...

We then had lunch in the small town of Fraser's... I'm not sure if I can even call it a town... it's just a ROW of shophouses! Only ONE pathetic chinese restaurant, a couple of malay stalls and one grocery shop. My my... how can these people survive here?

After lunch, we really had nothing to do so we went back to the resort... and guess what? SLEPT! haha.. slept for 2+hours... I guess it was a really relaxing holiday eh.. not because I choose to, but there was just nothing else to do! Then it was time for dinner... Had an expensive buffet with less than 10 choices. Really lousy... After that, AGAIN, nothing to do. We just walked around the small town and looked at some souvenirs at a gift shop.

Second day, we drove around what was left of the small hill, saw a few other resorts and some places of interest, but really, nothing great. I have a feeling that I'm treating my blog as a diary now... I still haven't figured out, what's the difference between a blog and a diary? They're both a record of your life events right?

I guess I've written enough for a first try. I'll probably post some pics from my trip in the future postings... So long!