Friday, December 21, 2007

My best friend's wedding...

I've known her for only 7 years but it feels like I've known her forever. We met in the university about 7 years ago. It was very coincidental that she knew one of my friends and I knew one of her friends beforehand. I still remember, I was the only one in my school who managed to get a place in the university, and hence, I had no friends there. I was nervous beyond words, worried about who I was going to hang out with, who I was sharing my room with, who I was going to walk to classes with, lunch with... just everything! And I was sharing my fear with one of my friends on the night before the first day at uni. It so happened that this friend had another friend who's also attending the same uni as I, and he told me her name and gave me her picture and assured me that she's a lovely person and asked me to go approach her.

So I remembered her name and on the next day, nervous still, I went to uni, surrounded by a sea of hundreds of strangers and started proceeding to different counters for registration. I was sitting inside the hall filling in my form, when I saw her. She was sitting right in front of me, filling up her form as well and I saw her name on the form. It rang a bell. And I was so relieved to know she's there, even though I did not really know her yet. After registering, we all proceeded to our rooms and I was the first one to reach. I was supposed to have another 3 room mates, and I guess fate really planned it. She was in the same room as mine! So we met and got to know each other.

7 years down the road... we're still very close friends. I cannot possibly imagine how my uni life would be without her. She's always there when I was up or down and I could just rely on her for advice and for her ears. Of course, I loved the time when both of us sat in front of the PC and watched downloaded The O.C. and ate junk food! Or the late nights that we stayed up just talking, even when the lights were already off. Those were the good old days... days that I would never be able to experience anymore... simply because... she's married! And words could not really express how happy I am for her. :)
Roasted pig in its glory

This post is especially dedicated to her, and also to all the great years of our friendship. You know who you are. I was there when you got to know him, I was there when you were smiling every time after you came back from your dates, I was there when you cried for him... But ultimately, I was extremely touched when you told me he's the one you could call your own. That was so sweet. Deep down, I know that he's the one who could make you happy. And I could see that from your face on your wedding day. It was as if this was what you've been waiting for all your life... It was so... meant-to-be. Perhaps that's why you told me you were never scared or nervous of getting married to him. It was just... natural. :)

I would be lying if I told you that I never envied you. When I knew you back then, I was never in love before. I did not really know how love was supposed to be. But I guess you just showed it to me. And I wished I was able to share your experience, to exchange stories with you... but I guess love didn't come to me until much later... LOL.

Now you've moved on to the next stage in life. You've become a Missus, OMG! Can you imagine? And soon you're going to be a mother! I can't believe how time flies and how things have changed since then. You do realize that you're always walking the path earlier than me, right? Which is actually a good thing, because I will ALWAYS have a reference when the same thing happens to me in the future. :) That aside, I have every faith that you will become the fabulous wife that every man dreams to have, the greatest mother that every kid will become proud of, the daughter-in-law that every mother wishes to have... and most of all, I know you'll still be the wonderful friend that you are right now.

May you have all the happiness that you very much deserve... and may our friendship withstand the test of time and distance! *wink* Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, girl!
Awaiting the groom in the room

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