Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

After much hype and publicity, the Earth Hour has come and gone. What did you do during that one hour on 28th of March 2009? As for me, I was back in my hometown in Kampar, spending time with my family members. When we talked about Earth Hour, especially with my grandparents, they shooed away the idea, saying that it was silly and it would make us vulnerable to theft in the dark. Of course, my brother and I both said that as long as all of us were at home, there should be nothing to worry about. My grandma also opposed to the idea, because she said it would be difficult to eat in the dark, while my grandpa said that as long as all other lights were off, then we could turn on the dining area lights to eat!

Earth Hour 2009

Anyway, come 8.30pm on that night, my brother was persistent, and he went to fetch a couple of candles to light up the dining area. He also placed a couple on the dining table, so we effectively had candle-lit dinner! The drawback was, of course, with the candles being lit, we had to turn off the fan as well to prevent the candles from going off. So, I think we were more affected by the hot temperature rather than the dim lighting. But we persevered and watched Deal Or No Deal during that period. (I know we're not supposed to watch TV as well, but majority wins in our family) Which reminds me, the contestant that night was silly and greedy to have pursued even after being offer RM20+k for his case. In the end he only got RM3k. *shakes head*

So, I suppose for the first-timer like me, my experience wasn't that bad. I think as long as we have the will to do it, we can convince others to as well. In this case, both my grandparents gave in finally and we had an enjoyable candle-lit dinner for the first time at home. *LOL*

What did you do during Earth Hour?


soo sean said...

I was playing badminton in a badminton court, so ....
But many at home did not like or support the idea. I have heard examples of turning off the light but with air-con still on. faint.

khengsiong said...

While I appreciate your efforts, I don't think you should impose your views on others.

I personally have done quite a bit for the environment:
I used re-usable shopping bag - until Giant stopped me from bringing it into the supermarket; I haven't installed air-conditioner; I drive a fuel-efficient car; When I am in the shopping mall, and see the door to/from car park opened, I will close it.

Despite all these, I was still criticized by an environmentalist for not willing to give up flying.

And you were talking about your ideal honeymoon trips. Are you willing to travel overland - by bus or train - to Europe? Do you fly and do not drive a gas-guzzling SUV.

Irene said...

Well, great effort :) I was amazed that the hotels also observed this - they have dim lighting for the nights.

三股东 said...

Turn out lights off & stay not doing anything with electricity and hav a walk besides condo's swimming pool with my wife.
One hour is fast flying..

foongpc said...

Wow! You managed to convince your old folks about switching off the lights! Not bad! I think it's OK to try and convince them but if they really don't want to, it's OK also. The important thing is we all do our part to create awareness.

I had a good time in the dark too until the mosquitoes attacked! Then, I had to switch on the fan. Haha! But I really think Earth Hour is about creating awareness and also teach us not to waste our resources.

In such hot weather, I need the fan to be turned on. It's necessary. But if I leave the room, and no one is using, then I'll switch the fan off. That to me is what Earth Hour is all about : )

Yin Hoon said...

Like you, I watched Deal Or No Deal with my parents in the dark hahaha.....

iamthewitch said...

soo sean: I know! Aircon is even worse than lights!

khengsiong: What do you mean that I as imposing my views to others? I was merely stating what I was doing on that particular night and particular hour. I was in no means imposing or judging people who might not be observing the Earth Hour. I think that you shouldn't be too harsh on yourself or others, because everyone has his or her own views in this occasion. If I sounded like I was forcing you to celebrate Earth Hour, then I apologize for that.

Irene: Thanks Irene. :) Yea, I read in papers of wedding couples having their reception dinners with candle lights also!

三股东: That's very romantic! :)

foongpc: Haha, it wasn't easy convincing the old folks. Need determination! Anyway, I agree with you. It's not just about that one hour. It's how we utilize energy for the rest of the other days. I have always switched off lights/fans that are not used in the house. I think it's a good practice and will grow on you, especially when you're the one paying the bills! LOL

Yin Hoon: High 5! Haha.. that guy that night was greedy and silly huh!!! :P