Friday, October 19, 2007

All about food!

I swear to you, my blog is very soon turning into a food blog! My recent posts have all been about food, food and more food! Well, it's all good, sharing good food experience is always good, isn't it? :) I have some more food pictures that I have not posted from my Sydney holidays. Just thought of putting the finishing touch to it. Look at the Laksa noodles I had at Chinatown, Sydney... Isn't it gorgeous? How can you resist it? It's full of flavour, lots of meat and tofu, not mentioning the huge portion! However, one think I'd like to comment though, is the char siu (pork) used in this bowl of noodles. Somehow, there was a distinct, rather strong meat taste, too strong for my liking, to the meat. But it was overall good, though I did not manage to finish it. :)
Laksa noodles (More like curry)

The following bowl of wan ton noodles was what my dad had. This was a bit on the low side. The taste was just bland and there was not enough sauce, causing the whole bowl of noodles to just stick to one blub. Next!
Wan ton mee
Red bean sorbet... Again, huge portion and comes with a big scoop of ice cream! I'd give it a 3 star. ;)
Red bean sorbet
Sydney does have a huge Chinese population, you'd be surprised! However, the dimsum that I had was not in Chinatown, it was in Cabramatta, which is a suburb more populated by Vietnamese instead. The quality though, is unbelievably good. The har kau (prawn wrap) was filled with succulent prawns, so much so that I thought I was eating prawns instead of dim sum. Fantastic, really.
Har kau
The siew mai (pork wrap) was not bad either. The meat was well marinated and of course, each piece was a big mouthful.
Siew mai
The loh mai kai though, was very different than the one back home. It was wrapped in some leaves, and the rice was not brown color as usual. The glutinous rice was a tad too soft and sticky, and the taste was rather insipid. Hmm, not a nice try.
Loh mai kai
Porridge was good, pardon me, it was great! Lots of century egg pieces and shreds of pork made the combination simply heavenly. This big bowl was enough for 3 persons seriously.
Back to the good old familiar place that we all know... KFC! I thought it would be a wonderful idea to compare the fast food places in Sydney with the ones in Malaysia. Suffice to say, it was not a regrettable experience. I chose the Cheese an bacon burger, which was not available back in Malaysia. My, the size of it already impressed me, not that I'm surprised anymore. Somehow this picture always makes me crave for burgers no matter how full I am. *grin*
KFC BBQ bacon and cheese burger
We had our buffet breakfast at our hotel in Glenferrie Lodge. Everyday was a combination of sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, baked beans, tomatoes, cereal, milk and juices. Bacons there were really huge and oily! :P
Breakfast at Glenferrie lodge

Breakfast at Glenferrie lodge
On the last day in Sydney airport, our tour guides bought us the Mc D's sundae. The sundaes there are slightly smaller, but the taste was much more milky and very rich. What a great way to end our wonderful trip to Sydney. I'll definitely be back! =)
Mc D's sundae

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