Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday dinner no. 1

This year, I am really blessed to have friends who took the trouble to plan out nice dinners and lunches for my birthday. On the special day that was the 3rd of October, my colleagues brought me to an Italian restaurant for lunch. They also gave me a pair of very sweet earrings and a hair band. They really look well on me. ;)

Then at night, I was brought to Victoria Station by Saucer. It was just the perfect night because the crowd was not too big at the place, good atmosphere, nice ambient and we even managed to sit inside the coach itself.
We made our order of a milkshake... *yummy*slurp*
... a sizzling steak (marvellous!)
... grilled lamb cutlet (pretty good, except for the fatty meat... -.-')
... and the bombe alaska dessert! (literally on fire, baby!)

Pouring rum over the meringue crust and keeping the fire up (photo did not able to capture fire :( )

Everything was really nice, except for the dessert being a tad too sweet. Also, we did not manage to finish our dessert as we were full to the brim by then. It's really sweet to have spent a nice dinner with a nice person, nice company in a nice environment. I truly felt blessed, loved and appreciated. The moment would always be lingering in my head... thank you very much! XOXO

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