Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday dinner No. 2

Now, then I also have a nice BELATED birthday celebration with another friend. This time, we went to Peppino's in Golden Sands Penang. It was a weeknight and yet, crowd was pretty huge. Luckily we were there early... :) The interior of Peppino's is nicely done, very Italian.

My good friend ordered the set, which started with this appetizer of smoked salmon with something...
I had the Minestrone soup, it was delicious!
The set also came with a soup of tomato puree, squash?, basil and something else I can't remember... Good comments for that too!
Dinner wouldn't be perfect without a fine glass of Chivas red wine... especially great for accompanying red meat :)
The rib eye steak that came with the set...My tenderloin steak with a lobster on top... Medium done, wonderfully charbroiled, tasted gorgeous, amazingly tender and oozing with flavorful juices... Might I add the lobster was fantabulous! Very succulent and very fresh! *heavenly*
My dessert of Haagen Dazs ice cream... Chocolate will never go wrong with me ;)
The dessert that came with the set... a mixture of 3 flavors ice cream combined into a cake-like shape. Very creative...
To top everything off, I was given a belated birthday present as well! Ain't I a lucky girl? ^.^
Prettily wrapped pressie.. Took me a while to admire it before I willingly ripped it off!
To reveal a pretty bag within... Love it!
Today is exactly one week after my birthday this year. I am happy to say that I truly had an amazing experience celebrating birthday with people who care for me, people who appreciate me as a friend, people who matter... What would I do without you guys?

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