Sunday, November 4, 2007

30 things I do not like

1. Tardiness
2. Messiness
3. Unorganized
4. The sound of mosquitoes when I sleep
5. The screeching of polystyrene
6. The screeching of old wooden door's hinge
7. Traffic jams on Friday in Penang
8. Having to wake up really early everyday to make sure I have a parking spot near to office
9. Going out for lunch on a sunny day
10. Insurance or direct sales people approaching me
11. The sound of construction
12. The smell of smoke (cigarette, carbon monoxide, fire)
13. The sound of people singing out of tune
14. People cutting queue
15. Drivers who swerve into my lane without putting on the indicator
16. Bittergourd
17. Beer
18. Liquor (makes me sleepy)
19. Onions

20. Having to study on Friday nights and Saturday mornings :(
21. Getting cough
22. Period
23. Dirty water supply in Penang
24. Raining on a BBQ night
25. Dirty swimming pool in PISA
26. Not able to speak freaking Hokkien in Penang!
27. Getting old
28. Having pimples
29. Raining on the day I hang up my laundry
30. Disappointment

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