Friday, November 16, 2007

Why I want to eat at Friday's

The one and only TGI Friday's restaurant in Penang is located in the relatively new Queensbay Mall, Bayan Baru.
TGI Friday's, Queensbay
Entrance of Friday's in Queensbay Mall, Penang

Now, I'm not a big fan of American cuisine, but Friday's has begun to gradually convert me into one.
I love Friday's! :)

Ever since its inception in Penang, I have frequented Friday's about 10 times, and after every meal, I was satiated and happy. I will not be surprised that Friday's is now my must-go restaurant at least once a week! Here is the list that makes me continuously yearn for Friday's every day. :)

I LOVE ...

1. Three for All
I absolutely love the fried mozzarella sticks that come with this dish. It simply has to be eaten when it is just served. Any later and it will be cold and lose its amazing effect. What amazing effect, you say? Well first you pick it up, when it's hot, hot, hot, baby... and take a large, generous bite into the stick, then start chewing... and the glorious mozzarella will start to melt in your mouth, covering your every taste buds on your tongue, blending together with the fried Italian bread coating; imagine - crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is!

2. Cajun Fried Chicken Salad
On the days when I do not have a good appetite for something heavy, the Cajun Fried Chicken Salad is always my top priority in Friday's.
Cajun fried chicken salad
Cajun Fried Chicken Salad

Being a girl, it is just common for us to always watch our weight, watch our calories intake, the amount of fibre we take, etc etc. Therefore, this is the perfect dish for me, not to mention delicious as well. The serving is humongous but yet, it is all good. The vegetables used are fresh and crunchy, the garlic bread that comes as a side is crispy and full of garlic and butter flavor, and last but not least, the fried chicken! Have I mentioned how fantabulous the chicken is? There are just plenty of fried chicken fillets, with the perfect golden color and the very very flavorful taste. Every piece of chicken just opens up my appetite further.
Check out how crunchy and golden the chicken fillets are!

My trick is, for every bite of chicken, I take two big bites of vegetables.
Eagerly waiting to take my first bite!

A blend of meat and fibre just makes a girl sinfully happy and yet keeps the pounds at bay. :)
Chicken and vege in one bite...
Blend of yummy chicken and healthy vegetables :)

3. Mocha Mud Pie
How can a meal be complete without the mouth-watering, tantalizing, enticing Mocha Mud Pie?
Mocha mud pie
Glorious dessert *gulp*

It has already become a legend in its own name. The fabulous dessert. Chocolate. Coffee. Cake. Ice-cream. Almond.
Oblivious to the surroundings...

What more can a girl ask for?
What happened to the mocha mud pie? *gasp*

4. Friendly staff
Every visit to TGIF is welcomed by the service of friendly waiters/waitresses who can't wait to please their customers. I can almost memorize what they would say to me after I was shown to my table for a mere 5 minutes. "Good afternoon/evening. My name is <> and I'm going to serve you for today. Just call me whenever you're ready to order, miss. " And with a BIG smile too. Just warms your heart and opens up your appetite. :)

5. Wonderful ambience
The atmosphere in Friday's is nothing short of relaxing. The decoration is always festive, the waiters' uniforms are full of colorful badges and they have cute joker hats, it makes me smile just being there.
Friday's looking out towards the entrance
Nice and colorful decor

Joker hat on the waiter
Cute joker hat...

Cleanliness is also maintained very well. Toilets were surprisingly spotless, and there was this time we accidentally spilled a glass of drink onto our table. The staff who noticed it immediately took everything in control and cleaned up the table. Impressive!

6. Food and drinks satisfaction
I have this weird habit of only ordering plain water from whichever restaurant I go to. To me, water is the perfect match to every tantalizingly good meal, as it does not affect my taste buds and it washes down all food perfectly.
I love water!

Hence, I always find it ridiculous for restaurants to put an exorbitant price tag for a glass of plain water. Friday's, however, is not one of those restaurants. They are always willing to provide me a huge glass of warm water, not to mention with a big grin as well. In terms of food satisfaction, it's never a compromise to Friday's. There was a time I ordered fajitas that came with chicken and beef, with the rare occasion that the beef was a tad too well done. I told the waiter that the beef was overcooked and dry, and without a question, he just apologized and took away my beef. After a mere 5 minutes, I was served with a brand new plate of beef cooked to perfection.

Writing this post has definitely stirred my palate for Friday's salad. I am very grateful that Friday's has finally landed in Penang. :)

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