Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ingolf's Kneipe is for people with huge appetite

Situated in the far edge of Penang in Tanjung Bungah, is a cozy restaurant called Ingolf's Kneipe. Kneipe is actually a German word for pub or bar, but it also serves food which are largely German to the core. In other words, think lots and lots of pork, sausages and knuckles, not forgetting the huge servings! It's no wonder most German guys are so tall and muscular! Must be the food they eat! :P

Table decor
I went to Ingolf's just last week after hearing some good recommendations from friends. The one thing about Ingolf's which I probably do not like that much is the ambience, or the lack of it. Of the few times that I frequented there, it's always very noisy with people chatting and laughing at the top of their lungs. I guess the thing about German pubs is that people go there to drink, rather than to eat... and when people drink, they tend to talk and laugh a tad too loudly. Apart from that, I noticed that more than 50% of the customers are usually foreigners, be it Caucasians or Koreans. The very loud and noisy atmosphere make it almost impossible to have a decent conversation with your friends, and it's even worse for lovebirds. So, you can only go there for the food and beer, and nothing more. :)

Witch was here!

Anyway, let me show you some pictures of the food I tried there. Here is the mixed grill, which had the combination of pork sausages, pork chop, lamb chop and beef. Portion was rather huge and quality was not bad. However, my friend told me that it's better to order a dedicated meat dish than a mixed grill because the way they're cooked is different. Apparently the lamb chop in the mixed grill is not as nice as the lamb chop as an individual dish. But their sausages were heavenly! I suppose in a German restaurant, you really can't go wrong with sausages eh? :)

Mixed grill

I ordered the New Zealand lamb chops which was grilled nicely, although the meat was a tad fatty. But I could say the lamb here and the one in mixed grill really did taste differently. So it's probably not a good idea to order the mixed grill next time. :) Oh before I forget, the mushroom sauce on the lamb was AMAZING! There were loads of mushrooms on top, fat and juicy ones too. I never thought I could love mushrooms so much! So be sure to order mushroom sauce with whatever steaks or chops there OK!
New Zealand lamb chops

I enjoyed my lamb chop and potato wedges very much. But I didn't manage to finish all of them because, as I said, the portion was huge!

Lastly, who could say no to dessert huh? Even though I was already full, my stomach would try to squeeze in some space for sweet things. ;) The dessert ordered was Banana crepes and look at how cute they're served! There were loads of bananas in the crepes, and couple that with Moevenpick ice-cream was extremely addictive! Not a bad choice for dessert at all.
Banana crepes

Overall, the experience was good even though the ambience could have been better. I would still recommend this place for food though. :) And for those who have Diner's Club credit card, good news to you! There's a 20% discount off the food bill if you dine in Ingolf's Kneipe. For all the food that I mentioned in this post, the total bill only came to slightly more than RM50 with the 20% discount. Isn't that a steal??? :) Remember to book to avoid disappointment!

Address: 16, Jalan Sungai Kelian Tg. Bungah, 11200 Penang Malaysia.
Tel / Fax: 04 - 899 5796
Mobile: 012 - 474 1559

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