Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sakae Sushi has the best teriyaki chicken rice!

Beware! Another food review coming your way... :) Last weekend, before my trip to KL, my friends and I went to have a late lunch (at 3pm) in Sakae Sushi, Queensbay Mall. It wasn't the first time I visited this place, but I always got excited going there, simply because I LOVE the teriyaki chicken rice in Sakae. :)

As usual, since we're already famished, we ordered some sushi as appetizers. Certain sushis are cheap at RM1.90 per plate, like the ones below:

Salmon looks so fresh and shiny here eh?
Salmon sushi
Spicy tuna sushi
Spicy salmon sushi

Besides the sushi, we also ordered the salmon rolls, ALSO at RM1.90 only! So cheap right? *LOL* But I didn't eat much of the sushi or rolls, because I wanted to save my stomach for the chicken rice. :P
Spicy salmon rolls

This plate of fried salmon here was not bad. Rather big piece considering the price of RM3.90. But the pieces served on that day were a little bony. Left with not much meat to eat. :S
Fried salmon

Of course, soon enough, my favourite dish came! Have you even tried this rice yet? It's the nicest Japanese rice I've tried in Penang. (Not a very huge achievement :P) Anyway, the rice has just enough teriyaki sauce, which was by the way, extremely delicious without being too sweet. There were many pieces of boneless chicken on top of the rice as well, which were nicely marinated. All in all, this bowl of rice always leaves me feeling satiated and happy. :)
Teriyaki Chicken Rice

My friends ordered this rice instead, which I believe to be curry chicken rice. The curry was a little weird, probably because it wasn't hot at all. Perhaps Japanese serves their curry cold? And the curry was not too spicy, so it's good for those who can't eat spicy food. It came with loads of potatoes as well! But I still like my teriyaki chicken rice better. :P
Curry Katsu Don

I think Sakae Sushi overall has nicer food than the other counterpart *you-know-who*. :) I will definitely go back again for their teriyaki chicken rice, again and again!


Baby said...

the more i see the more hungry i am

ChoonSeong said...

I have tried the Sakae Sushi in Mutiara Damansara...the food is damn nice!!

meifong said...

wah..seriously your page takes ages to load due to the sheer volume of food pics it has..pengsan

iamthewitch said...

baby: I know! My stomach always growls looking at the teriyaki chicken rice picture :P

choonseong: Yes yes! It's nice huh? I don't think I'll go to the other sushi restaurant anymore now that I have Sakae :P

meifong: Pictures make people salivate! And welcome to the blogging world my dear! :)

cupnsaucer said...

i love teriyaki chicken rice too, but you always order that, so ended up i have to order other dish :(

IamDoryFish~ said...

poor saucer! me and fernando always order the SAME SET..if we know the dish is nice! :P

Tributetoasillygirl said...

Hi there , fyi the japanese curry originally is not spicy .Although japanese love wasabi but they don't like to have coconut and spicyness in the curry. There was once i cook the malaysian curry for my Jap friend. they dislike it because usually they dont put coconut or milky stuff in the curry..haha~~` sushi back here in aus is Aud 3.50 which is RM 9.00 each.. so..i reckon. i ll be back to malaysia soon for sushi.. haha.. hope i didn't flood ur comment hah a

Bamboo said...

I think you got duped because the curry chicken rice/udon (which is MY favourite) is served hot,not cold although it is definitely not spicy. I also prefer Sakae Sushi because it has more variety. If you have not done so, you should try their bibimba and tori karaage... although I must say that not everyone like bibimba... And since you like the teriyaki sauce so much, then you should also try sukiyaki...

iamthewitch said...

cupnsaucer: Aiyo... I didn't know you love that as well :P But I usually will share with you what... :)

iamdoryfish: Haha order two dishes of the same? Then cannot try variety lor... :)

tributetoasillygirl: Well I certainly didn't know that Jap don't like spicy curry! I thought curry is supposed to be spicy! :) But Aus sushi is definitely EXPENSIVE! Must come back to Malaysia for sushi next time ok! :) And call me out also if you go Sakae! :))

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Wow.. Sakae sushi frequenter eh? I certainly have never tried all that you've mentioned before! Next time we go together and you show me ok! :))

chiaoju said...

YES! Sakae Sushi sure has the best teriyaki chicken rice!!! :):)

aik yean said...

Wow, like the blog bout FOOD! haha! keep me updated with wat's missing here...
Hmm... Sakae Sushi, i know where to go next time!

iamthewitch said...

chiaoju: Hi-5 babe! :)

aik yean: Yes, I'll bring you there when you come back next time! When are you coming back???