Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plastics for Bad Creditors and First-Timers

Up until today, I didn't know that there are such things as bad credit cards. I was surfing the net one day and I came across this link Credit Cards for Bad Credit and I thought it was strange. I mean, banks usually only issue credit cards to people who have good credit score, so that they have higher chances of getting their returns. That's why banks usually have to take a few days or weeks to evaluate an applicant before they can decide whether to issue him/her a card. However, this site proves to be the ambulance, the saviour, for those who have bad credit background and yet need a credit card.

Let's face it, credit cards have almost become a necessity in our lives. True enough, many people say credit cards are sometimes the root cause to huge debts and many other financial problems, but they are also our friend when we do not want to bring that much cash out for fear of thefts, or we want to take advantage of 0%-interest installment plans, or most importantly, when we want to make online purchases. Can you imagine how our life would be without credit cards? No more Ebay! *gasp*

Therefore, good credit or bad, they still deserve to have the benefits of credit cards, provided, of course, that they are willing to gain back the bank's trust by paying back promptly. Therefore, this site helps to bridge the gap between kind banks and bad creditors, and getting the best deals out for them! Isn't that cool?

Apart from that, for the first-timer who does not have any credit score, the First Time Credit Cards site offers the guidelines to repair your low credit score and build it in order to secure better deals in the future. Did I mention that for both of these categories, they offer guaranteed approval from banks? I was a first-timer myself a few years back, and I have even faced rejections by one particular credit card company TWICE. I always thought it was unfair to me since it was the first time I applied for credit cards, and that they should not judge me even if I have no credit background. However, with help on the way, I'm sure many would be able to benefit from the advantages of credit cards! :)

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