Friday, May 30, 2008

David Cook rocks my world

For those of you who followed American Idol season 7, you'd definitely know who I'm talking about.. For those who didn't, where were you??? David Cook is simply one of the most awesome singer born in American Idol! Truth be told, I only followed AI starting from the top 12, and at that time, I had more preference towards the other David (Archuleta). However, towards the middle of the show, I started to gear towards Cook, especially with his rendition of Music of the Night and Always be My Baby. You guys simply must listen to them! It's amazing how he could transform a pop song (Always be My Baby) to a lovely smooching ballad that would melt every girl's heart! AND you must check out his version of Billy Jean... the only version I've only ever heard was from Michael Jackson and I didn't really like it. But Cook belted it out so differently I'm listening it from a brand new perspective! In fact, I might start to like this song, after listening to it a few times... :) Listen to it and tell me what you think! *wink*

Since then, I was rooting for David Cook to win, and my goodness, a 12 million majority! That's a complete knockout I say! Ever since the win, I was always searching for his studio recorded songs to download. :) And I was lucky to find one site which has ALL his studio recorded songs AND live performances from AI, in mp3 format. I hereby would like to share this awesome site with you, so that you can download ALL of his songs and listen to them over and over again until you're a David Cook convert like me. :P Did I mention that all the downloads are also free? Don't wait! Here's the site: David Cook fan page Thanks to poetry4kids! :)


Bamboo said...

One of the biggest misconception about the show is that the winner is the best. Basically, this show is created by people (studios, investors, etc.) who want to support a singer that has guaranteed good sales in their soundtracks. This is a result of numerous good singers having very low sales and fan base. So, in other words, the winner of American Idol is the most popular but not necessary the best. I, on the other hand value talent more than charisma and good looks :P. But I reserve my judgement for your new found idol after I finished listening to his songs.

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Correct, usually most popular wins, but it doesn't mean most popular is not equal to most talented! :P Tell me what you think after listening to the songs! :)

eliz said...

This is not related to American Idol, eventhough I love it that David Cook won instead of that other guy. Haha..he's so much hotter and better singer.

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Her cupcakes are super pretty!!!Sadly..i can't eat it.For June,she'll be in K.L,so ppl in Penang can't order..but u can order for the month of July & August.


chiaoju said...

I LOVE DAVID COOK! :) enough said. hahahaha

IamDoryFish~ said...

both you and bamboo were not working! but reading and writing blog!!! :P
Yes yes, cook won. I need to accept that!

IamDoryFish~ said...

ok, he is good and deserves to win. i like "always be my baby" the best!

iamthewitch said...

eliz: OMG! The cupcakes are SO pretty! Thank you for sharing this with me! :) Penang has hope now... Hehehe

chiaoju: me too me too!!! Hi 5!

iamdoryfish: yay... good to know that you've already accepted his victory :) I also like that song very much! :)