Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ingolf's Kneipe Gigantic Pork Knuckles

I know I have written about this awesome German restaurant before, but I have never tried their pork knuckles yet!

Ingolf's bar

And what's a German restaurant experience without pork knuckles right? For Ingolf's Kneipe, pork knuckles are indeed prized and rare as they are only served on every Wednesday of the week. It is highly recommended for one to make a reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment as this place is already crowded even on normal days. So on one fine Wednesday, my colleagues and I went to this place hungrily just to taste the famed pork knuckles. Of course, we also ordered some other dishes to make sure all of our hungry stomachs were well-fed. :P

Here's a nice salad that one of us ordered, with fresh and succulent prawns, no less! Pretty good comments from her as well, judging from how the plate was licked clean afterwards. :P


Came with healthy salad sauce, unlike those typical thousand island or mayonnaise *gasp*!
Salad sauce
with the sauce

Next up, there was pork goulash, too. You're right, this place is filled with pork and more pork. I guess Germans love pork very much so we couldn't run away from ordering that here. :) This dish looked awesomely pleasant and definitely palatable. It had the combination of a healthy meal right from proteins, carbs and loads of vitamins from fresh vegetables and peas.
Pork goulash
Pork goulash

The last time I went with Saucer, we were pleasantly surprised with the huge portion of mixed grill with very good variety of meat as well. Therefore, we ordered it again this time, without disappointment. :) It came with pork (of course!), lamb chop, beef, bacon and sausages. Good enough for 2 persons if you're not too hungry. :) And don't forget the wedges! They have definitely converted me into a wedges lover even though I wasn't a big fan initially. *Sigh*

Mixed grill
Mixed grill

Finally, the dish we were waiting for arrived! And it came with two huge servings of sauerkraut (sour cabbage) and mashed potatoes. I remember very well that we did not like the sauerkraut at all! In fact, it was mostly untouched that the owner of the restaurant asked us if there's anything wrong with the dish when he cleared the table. I guess we're all just not used to the sourish taste.

DSCN4773Mashed potator
Side dishes

And the star of the night, here it is! Authentic German pork knuckles! Don't they look crispy and delicious? Well, my humble opinions here... I am not a fan of fatty meat and these knuckles have loads of them, with fatty skins as well, so I didn't manage to savour a big part of the serving. I only picked those slender meat which was not aplenty, but it was definitely enough for me. The crispy skin was definitely delicious, as with all things crispy :P But I guess the meaty part was nothing to shout about. I suppose the experience would have been different if I ate the meat together with the fatty skin as well. Otherwise, my meat tasted a borderline bland. I ended up enjoying the mixed grill more though. *LOL* Anyway, this was definitely a good experience since I've never tried German knuckles before. With such a large portion, it is definitely more than enough for 2 persons!

Pork knuckle
Pork knuckles


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