Monday, July 28, 2008

Bukit Hijau up close

Just last month, I visited Bukit Hijau again with my good friends and Saucer. I know, I wrote about Bukit Hijau quite a while ago but during my first visit there, I didn't manage to snap many pictures. Mainly because I was busy playing in the water and we didn't stay for long because we reached there late in the evening.

So for this second trip, we made plans ahead and even prepared our little mini picnic of curry chicken, bread, sardine sandwiches and pork dumplings! Of course, we also went there early in the morning so that we could spend more time with the breathtaking scenery and the glorious sound of waterfalls. More pictures were taken along the way up to Bukit Hijau, just to show you we had to climb up many many stairs!

This was the starting point before the ascend up.

Starting point

Before long, we came across a waterfall just at the foot of the hill. We were lucky we went there on a weekday, so we practically had the whole waterfall to ourselves, wherever we wanted to sit!

Waterfall at the foot of the hill

2nd shot

Almost there

Later on, we came across this mini bridge.

Mini bridge

That led us to more stairs!

More steps

Getting closer to yet another bridge

I saw some very tall bamboo trees... Bamboo, do you hear me? :P

Bamboo plants

Finally, we've reached the highest point that our feet could bring us to. The water on that morning was amazingly loud and cold.

Waterfall at the highest part of hill

Look at Wai Lian having fun in there...

Wai Lian under the falls

It was no easy task taking pictures with so many fine water droplets splashing everywhere. Even my vision was blurred from the glorious waterfall.

Witch in front of the falls

Candid Witch

There was a reason why I didn't submerge myself in the water, and if you're a girl, you would know what I mean. :P Anyway, luckily I was smart enough to bring along my Ipod and newspaper to relax on the rocks with my feet in the freezing water. Of course, the curry chicken and sandwich helped tremendously too! :)

Poser Saucer :P

For the record, I actually got my hair and my back wet from this shot. *LOL*


vickna said...

Your latest blog sure brings me back memories of my Uni days! We used to go there almost every semester...And this round the waterfalls at the top looks right :) Was is the same place in your earlier post?(Remember i was telling you it doesnt look like the top)

iamthewitch said...

Aww... you are making yourself sound old! Yes, this is the same waterfall that I went to the last time. Hmm, maybe the picture wasn't captured so well last time. But thank god you said it's correct, because it would have been terrible to make the same mistake twice! :P

cc said...

Waterfall always has that serene and tranquil feeling. Nice place for a little break. :)

Hello, first time commenting here. :)

iamthewitch said...

Yea cc, it's indeed a nice place to have a peace of mind. And welcome :)