Friday, August 1, 2008

I love Firefly!!!

As you all might know, Saucer has gone to work in KL since one month ago, and I've been visiting him whenever I can during the weekends. So far, I've been there twice and I took the Firefly flight from Penang to Subang without fail. I can tell you, after the two trips with Firefly, I am in love with it! :)) Let me tell you my reasons:

1) Numbered seats
Hello? No more long queues with kiasu people ok? I remember taking AirAsia flights some time ago and it was just so common for everyone to stand up and start queuing even before the plane touched down. There are even people who 'borrow' extra child from their friends or relatives so that they could be among the first few to board. There were even some senior citizens walking to and fro asking the ground staff what's the age to be eligible for priority boarding. OMG! Can you imagine? It is just so typical of us Malaysians, wanting to get the best seats and so, lining up to be the first to enter. I really do not understand why they like to stand there waiting for 30 minutes when there are so many comfortable seats for them to sit on. Those chairs are there for a reason, you know. Luckily, now AirAsia is smart enough to have Xpress boarding, where you need to pay a certain amount of money and you get priority boarding. Well, why pay when you can have it for free?? I'm talking about Firefly indeed! They give you numbered seats, hence no more unnecessary standing or queuing for the longest time! And I love Firefly for that!

2. Free check-in luggage of 20Kg!
Well I might not use this service very often (in fact, haven't had the need to check in luggage before :P), but it's nice that there's a free luggage check in of 20kg! Compare this to AirAsia, where you need to pay RM3 for baggage handling fee and even so, you only get 15kg allowance. Bravo again to Firefly! Also, for those who use this service, I noticed that the luggage will come out very fast right after touching down. Usually, by the time I alighted from the plane and walked pass the conveyor belt, I could see bags starting to come out already! And because the plane is small, the number of luggage is also small, hence you don't have to wait very long for your luggage to appear on the belt. :) Saves time and no hassle!

3. Punctual
Of course, this is the most important point that a customer looks for. We pay to get the flight time that we want, and if they can't promise this one thing, it will definitely erase whatever trust that we have on the flight company. So far, I have to say that Firefly has never disappointed me in this area. In fact, there was even one time it took off about 10 minutes earlier, when everyone was already in. That's the advantage for a small plane, you don't need to wait very long for everyone to enter. :) Of course, there were also times that it landed ahead of time, because it usually took only 50 minutes to reach the destination for what was claimed to be 1 hour in the ticket.

4. Subang airport
All Firefly flights land in Subang airport instead of LCCT or KLIA in Sepang, which is way out of town. I think it is a waste of time to get from Sepang all the way to KL Sentral, even though there are many buses or trains that are available. It will take around 45 minutes for the bus journey, but you will need to cater in another 10-15 minutes in case they have to wait for the bus to fill up. In total, that would be 1 hour just to get to KL Sentral! But in Subang, I could easily get Saucer to come fetch me in just 15 minutes! So convenient, and no jam also! Not like KL Sentral. :P

5. No early check in
One thing I noticed about Firefly is that they are more flexible with check in times. They are only open 1 hour before the departure and will close 30 minutes before. So you don't need to be there so early and waste time idling around the airport having nothing to do. In fact, there was once I was there 25 minutes before the flight and they were kind enough to point out where I should go to check in!

So all of that points made me love Firefly even more! And to top it off, there is a promotion that they're currently having now, which I only found out today! The Penang-Subang flight is only RM8 exclude taxes! I have been waiting and waiting so long for this to come! In fact, the last time I booked the flights was during May, when they had RM0 fare, and I booked my flights right through the end of their allowed travel period, which is July. I've been waiting for a new promotion to come up so that I could continue purchasing tickets for month of September onwards, and now is the time. :)


I was so excited when I found out about this and went on clicking on many dates to check how long was the fare available for. In fact, I checked until the month of March 2009 and the RM8 fare is still there! Then I stopped checking because I was afraid... afraid of overspending! I was so crazily excited when I saw the cheap fares and kept on booking and booking...

RM8 only!
Total price = RM130 for return

Look at my list of bookings! Already four flights now, without realizing! OK I have to stop myself from going to the website anymore before I become tempted again. :( Seriously, I think Firefly is the best thing that ever happened to Penangites! *LOL* Well, maybe ONE of the best things. ;)

Upcoming flights!!!

P/S: Vickna, Allan, quickly book!!! :))


Bamboo said...

There are actually commercial planes smaller than the one being used by AirAsia????!!! Well, if your destination is Subang, then Firefly of course better lah... if it's KL, I think AA is still the better choice (though I also don't like AA... big surprise)... and RM8 ticket with a total price of RM65? That is just so sneaky!!!

Vickna said...

Firefly better give u extra discount or free tickets if they see this blog :). Ill get to experience their service end of this month and i getting the feeling that ill be going on a booking spree just like you after that :)

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Yes they're smaller but I can assure you, you won't feel the difference at all!! But if you choose AirAsia, the price is pretty much the same, or should I say sneaky! :P And you don't have numbered seats or free luggage check in :P

vickna: Haha I hope they see this blog too! Yes, hope you'll enjoy your first ever flight with firefly soon! :))

cc said...

Wow, didn't know there's another budget airline now.

zewt said...

have to say... the subang airport bit is tempting...

iamthewitch said...

cc: Oh yes! And it's all working to our (customers) advantage! ;) Hopefully Firefly will expand its wings and go abroad soon! :)

zewt: Yea, Subang airport is more convenient and less congested.. :)

khengsiong said...

I don't care whether AirAsia has numbered seats. Since I often fly alone, I can sit anyway. But I find AirAsia's 'no outside food and drinks' policy irritating.

iamthewitch said...

Oh yea.. And apparently AirAsia is also very strict with no picture taking in the plane too! So many restrictions...

Pingu said...

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Thank you for the very informative and positive review of Firefly.

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Pingu said...

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