Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Convocation at Nikko Hotel

This post is dedicated to my very good friend and fellow sickawan Chiaoju. She is now a proud graduate of an MBA. *applause* Stan, Yen and I went to her convocation in Nikko Hotel, since her university doesn't really have a campus in Malaysia (I think). Before that, why is it that my stupid university is taking so very long to approve my thesis! She started before me and finished earlier than me. *sigh* Anyway, we bought her a bouquet of white roses, coincidentally my favourites too! :) The hotel lobby was filled with parents and friends bearing flowers on that day, waiting for the graduation ceremony to be over.

Nikko Hotel lobby

Such high ceiling

On and off, I was texting Chiaoju to make sure we're at the right place at the right time. :)

Dimly lit chandelier

While waiting, of course I didn't miss out the chance to camwhore, this time with the University of South Australia poster! There was plenty of food lined up outside the ballroom, but they were reserved until the ceremony was over, of course. So we could only wait and smell. *LOL*

My shirt matched with the poster!

Finally, the doors of the grand ballroom opened and people starting streaming out in a line. I quickly ran over to the side with my camera ready. Tadaa! Managed to capture a shot of her while walking. :) Congrats dear!

Chiaoju emerging from the ballroom

After another while of waiting, she joined us again for more camwhoring. :)

Chiaoju and witch

with the sickawans

The area outside the ballroom was starting to get really hot and stuffy with people crowding around and walking to and fro the buffet spread. We noticed that the ballroom was now empty and it was so very cooling! Off we went inside to enjoy the comfort of silence and aircon. :)

A happy Chiaoju

The grand ballroom

Chiaoju and Stan

Chiaoju and yen

Oh I love this picture! It's like Do-Re-Me-Fa! In terms of height, I mean. I think I'm actually taller than Stan, but somehow, I wasn't really standing straight so I looked short in the picture. *LOL*

The sickawans

Before we left, Chiaoju's sis asked us to pose with our legs up, and be comfortable in it. However, we were so rigid and serious that we looked funny with the pose! Gosh we probably have turned too old for candid poses like this.

Playing the fool

We proceeded to have super yummy crabs after that, which I will blog about later on. And once again, congratulations to you, dear Chiaoju! We're very proud of you. *hugs*


chiaoju said...

awwww... thanks babe! and boy do i look fat! and sweaty! sheesh! especially in that last pic.

thanks again for coming babe. and thanks for all the support u've given me throughout our years of being friends. u've been one hell of a friend. *hugsssssssss*

let me know when urs happen k? i'll be there!

awaiting for ur crabby post. =)

xin said...

did they pay u to wear blue on tht day? :P

i wanna see crabs!!!

Irenelim said...

I haven't step inside Hotel Nikko before, the place look great... and so were you! I wanna see the crabs too!

foongpc said...

Do re mi fa? haha!

meifong said...

I thought you'd completed your course ages ago! Why have they still not graded you yet?!

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