Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teh Tarik Place in IOI Mall

Here's a food post from somewhere really nearby my new humble abode. Located just about 10 minutes away in IOI Mall, Teh Tarik Place recently opened its doors to the public. Thank goodness for the posters they put up around the mall and outside the parking lot, or else I wouldn't have known of its existence. Couple that with the fact that it's located on the isolated 3rd floor in the new wing, where there are not many shops in operation.

I was there on a Saturday morning around 11am looking for a place to have breakfast before my facial appointment. I was already going to stick with the common choice of Old Town Kopitiam before Saucer insisted that we should try something new. I was reluctant since I was out of time and we didn't know where Teh Tarik Place was! Sure enough, it took us a good 10 minutes to locate the shop.

Teh Tarik Place

Not surprisingly, it was still empty, but I liked that it was spacious and clean. We placed our orders with the friendly waiter and our drinks came shortly. I ordered iced Nescafe (I know I should have ordered teh tarik in Teh Tarik Place :P) because I was really sleepy! Nothing special with the drinks though, not especially 'kau' and not too bad.

Nescafe and Coffee

As for food, I couldn't resist ordering the nasi lemak when I saw it on the menu. :P I wanted to compare it with the Village Park nasi lemak that I tried previously. For starters, the fried chicken in Teh Tarik Place is not as aromatic as Village Park. Thankfully, the skin was still crispy and the meat tender. Not too bad, probably lack. The sambal used here is also slightly on the hot side. The kind waiter also gave me one whole BOWL of sambal when I requested for more. *LOL*

Nasi lemak with fried chicken

They even give you one whole boiled egg for the nasi lemak! The one in Village Park only gave half an egg. Well, it might not be a big deal, but worth mentioning. :P

with a whole egg

Saucer ordered 'mee goreng' or fried mee, Malay style. It was very fragrant albeit slightly oily. Nothing too extraordinary about it I suppose.

Fried mee/ Mee goreng

Kopitiam places such as Teh Tarik Place and Old Town are mushrooming all over KL in an alarming rate! Only last week, I realized that it was easier to locate an Old Town Kopitiam than a McDonald's! *gasp* Is it really such a good business? All I know is, with so many branches and so many different franchises, these kopitiams better buck up their quality to avoid losing out.

Teh Tarik Place entrance

Teh Tarik Place
IOI Mall, Jalan Puchong,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel. no: 03-7726 6380


foongpc said...

Wow! You coming all the way from Penang already know more places here in Klang Valley than me! I don't normally go IOI Mall cos it's far and also because of the traffic jam not to mention have to pay toll.

If I am not wrong, Old Town will one day take over as the most successful franchise in Malaysia beating McDonalds. Currently, Old Town has over 100 outlets vs McDonalds' 180.

I am also at a loss to the success of Old Town. Their food is not particularly good and quite pricey if you ask me.

Ling said...

Hey MY! I went to Village Park after reading your blog. Had nasi lemak with ayam goreng and milo dinasaur as well :) Good recommendation!

Irenelim said...

These days all sorts of kopitiam names came up... Old Town, Old Boy, Good Old Times, Papa Rich, ... all these are within Bandar Puteri only!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahaha this place sounds like a malay version of mamak, mushroom everyway! I know the original owner when it started, and I was told the business was sold off to a new big owner! :)

Neo said...

Nice. So, some day we come here after our badminton session? :)

Hai Seong said...

Next, let's try the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, heard that worth trying too. Let's go !!

mimid3vils said...

The mee goreng look appetizing :)

iamthewitch said...

foongpc: Exactly! Old Town is really mushrooming everywhere, and their publicity has also increased tremendously! More ads on the TV even. But I don't see how their food is good though. Hmm...

Ling: Hey dear :) Good to know that you enjoyed it! Did you manage to finish the whole plate of nasi lemak? :P

Irenelim: Oh yea! I was surprised to find so many eateries in Bandar Puteri alone. Good for me though, more choices! hehe

BBO: Really? I guess before it was sold to the big owner, it wasn't really well-known.

Neo: Sure of course! :)

Hai Seong: Ok ok! Let's try that. :)

mimid3vils: Haha.. the oily surface made it look very appealing eh? :)

Anonymous said...

manager lelaki melayu kat teh tarik ioi mall puchong very no maness mmg kurang ajar dan tidak sopan melayan pelanggan di kaunter pembayaran...hal ini terjadi semalam lebih kurang jam 2.20 ptg...tolong siasat hal ini dan ambil tindakan......