Friday, July 24, 2009

Fatty meaty crabs

*Updated with prices

Time for seafood! Actually, just crabs! :) Due to the rare occasion that the four of us sickawans got together in KL, we decided to go celebrate with big fat juicy crabs at none other than Fatty Crab in Taman Megah. It was my first time being there and the notion that I wasn't aware of this restaurant's existence was showered with "What do you mean you don't know Fatty Crab???" coupled with gasps and stares from the rest of the gang. *LOL* Seriously, I was never aware of this place before that, and I don't know why is that a big deal. :P

Anyway, after much searching and rounding the neighbourhood of Taman Megah, we found the place located in the smack of the pasar malam (night market) on that Sunday. Bad idea. Traffic was congested and finding a parking was no easy task. All in the name of fatty crabs. We reached there about at about 6-ish and thank goodness we had a table without having to wait. The first thing that attracted me upon reaching was this very strong aroma, even from outside of the shop. No, it's not the smell of crabs at all. It's the smell of chicken wings! Seriously the scent stretched all the way out and opened up my appetite in no time. *LOL*

Without further ado, we ordered chicken wings! In fact, we ordered the wings TWICE, because the first plate was polished off in no time and everyone was craving for more. :) The chicken wings (RM2/pc) had to be eaten while they're hot to experience the slightly crispy layer of skin on the outside and the warm and smooth meat inside. Albeit oily, the taste was just gorgeous, especially on empty stomachs like ours.

Chicken wings (RM2/pc)

We also ordered the signature fried rice (RM4 for serving of 1 person), which was apparently also well-known in this restaurant. The fried rice was fried with traces of carrot bits, green peas and eggs. Though there was not much ingredient or meat used, the rice was still delicious due to the 'wok hei' and sufficient seasoning used. Good for filling the tummy while waiting for the crabs to arrive. :)

Signature fried rice (serving for 2 persons)

Fatty Crab used the unique way of eating crabs with toasted home made bread (RM0.30/pc), instead of the common mantou, which I found very refreshing and creative. I mean, this is how normal families would eat their leftover curry with at home, but no one actually popularized this idea in restaurants. The bread, with the toasted texture, was slightly crispy without being hard. Almost perfect combination with the sauce of the crabs. But beware, once they're left too long, the bread became cold and tough.

Toasted bread to go with crabby sauce (RM0.30/pc)

And the star of the evening finally arrived, crabs done spicy and sour style (RM28/600gm). The crabs were huge and meaty, unlike the ones I had before in Penang's seafood restaurants. Most of the crabs I had back in Penang had big shells but were almost hollow internally with little meat to spare. These, however, really stood up to their name. Fatty and meaty. :) It was the first time I didn't mind the trouble of peeling crabs because I knew they had so much to offer. The sauce was sour and slightly spicy, and it went extremely well with the toasted bread. The crab meat, though meaty, was not exactly fresh from the sea. It didn't have that texture of springy and flaky meat, however, it was definitely much better than the average crabs elsewhere. The sauce was absorbed everywhere inside the crabs, making every bite a juicy and yummy one.

Spicy and sour fatty crabs (RM28/600gm)

The gluttons we were ordered satays as well! We really have extra big stomachs, you'd be surprised. The satays (RM0.70/pc) were nothing to shout about though. I guess once I had the satay at Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Seafood restaurant, other satays would be difficult to claim the no. 1 spot in my heart. :) These satays were not bad, to give it due credit. Just that the meat wasn't really marinated well and you have to eat it with the satay sauce or risk it being bland.

Chicken Satay

Satay sauce

Overall, the meal at Fatty Crab was indeed a satisfying one. The bill came to about RM27/person for everything I mentioned including sugar cane drinks. Oh sugar cane drink is a must! Cooling down your palate after eating the hot and spicy crabs.

Fatty Crab Restaurant in Taman Megah

When we left the restaurant, not surprisingly, there was already a long queue in front. We counted our blessings for reaching there early and avoiding the crowd. So everyone, do go there early if you don't want to wait in line.

Fatty Crab Restaurant
No 2, Jln SS 24/13 ,
Taman Megah,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Tel. no.: 603-78045758


J2Kfm said...

yeah, Lou Zhi Hou this one ....
Fatty Crab. after all these yrs, still attracting the crowd eh?

email2me said...

Hmmm ..... Never test this one before. Usually I go Wong Po at Aman Suria for a crab fix. XD

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahahha yet to drop by but looks induging!

Borneo Falcon said...

I think they rear those crabs rather than catching them from the sea

chiaoju said...

ahh these crabbies. well, i love the sauce - they win hands down. as for freshness... after staying in Penang for so long, i think nothing beats the fresh seafood we get in Penang right? =)

and the satay - i thought it was a disappointment! it didn't bring us up to heaven and back! we just STAYED there. we floated when we had the satay in the Teluk Kumbar "hao you" seafood.

most importantly, it's the company that counts eh?


Irenelim said...

I have been thinking of the fat crabs in this restaurant for a long time already, but still haven't got a chance to go and try.

mimid3vils said...

Very less choices of crab cooking method, I prefer De Foodland at Kepong :)

foongpc said...

What?! You don't know Fatty Crab?!

Ok, just kidding! haha!

Guess what? I have known this restaurant for so long yet haven't tried it before! Can you believe it?

Must try it one day. But I love to eat those bread dipped in the crab's sauce. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Neo said...

I guess I am just like foongpc, I have know this restaurant for many years but haven't got a chance to try them yet. They are pretty famous for their crabs, never knew their chicken wings are good too. :)