Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tourguiding in Penang - Day 2

After the somewhat tiring first day in Penang, we started the next day a little later. Waking up next to the sea was liberating, especially when the sound of waves seemed so near. All of us took a walk at the beach which was just within walking distance from the hotel. Of course, being me, my walk lasted barely 15 minutes under the hot sun. *LOL*

Our first destination for the day was to hunt for durians in Balik Pulau. Along the way, we had breakfast at some coffee shop in Teluk Bahang, since we were too hungry. Fate had it though, that when we almost finished our breakfast, a man on a motorbike stopped by the same coffee shop, bearing lots and lots of durians in his basket! All of us were staring at his basket when he parked his bike to have his breakfast. In the end, Joanne who couldn't withhold her cravings went to the man who was eating his hokkien mee and asked him whether he would sell us some of his durians. He was shocked! But who would say no to business right? :) So instead of hunting for durian stalls in Balik Pulau, we ended up eating durians at the coffee shop instead.

Our next agenda was to visit the popular Penang Tropical Fruit Farm, also located in Balik Pulau. I had never been there too, but thanks to Stan's directions, I managed to find the fruit farm easily. We even saw some durian trees along the winding road in Balik Pulau. The visitors from Beijing who had never seen durian trees before asked me to stop by for them to take pictures. They were really excited to see durians hanging on trees, and kept asking what would happen if someone was standing below when the durian dropped!

Durian trees at Balik Pulau

We reached the Fruit Farm soon and the view above was really green. This part of Penang is still not developed, probably the only part, and is a favourite of people who are looking for nature.

View from Fruit Farm

When we reached the fruit farm, we were greeted by the owner there and he mentioned to us about this fruit buffet and tour available. It was priced at RM25/person, and it included a tour to the fruit farm further up the hill, unlimited fruits in the buffet and a glass of fruit juice. All of us agreed to take the package and a van came to pick us up in no time.

The ride was just a short one uphill, probably a 2 minutes drive. We saw this pond filled with lotus leaves upon disembarking from the van.

Lotus leaves on pond

The fruit farm was filled with all kinds of tropical fruit trees local to the country including banana, coconut, pineapple, papaya, ciku, etc. It was the first time I saw a ciku tree. *LOL* There was also a kind guide who was around to show us different types of trees and gave us a brief description.

Fruit farm

Another part of fruit farm

After the tour, it was time to feast! Nearby the farm was this cafeteria for the fruit buffet. We were greeted by the display of fruits at the entrance.

Tropical fruits of Malaysia

We were among the first group to reach there, hence the place looked empty. Perhaps it's always empty since it's quite out of the way from the city centre.

Fruit cafe

There was a counter where you could order your complimentary glass of juice, and you could choose a combination of more than 1 type of fruit. Bear in mind that the juice here was purely from the fruit itself, no addition of water at all. So you can have all the goodness of fruits in a glass, very concentrated. Also, if you would like to have an additional glass, it was sold at RM4/glass.

Fruit juice counter

For those who want to be closer to the environment, there were also a couple of tables set outdoors.

Outdoor seats

The fruits for the buffet were all nicely washed and cut for convenience. All we needed to do was to pick up a plate and fork and munch away! :) I ate so much fruits that day than what I ate in a week! *LOL* Eating fruits could really make you full, so much so that I had a hard time finishing my juice.

Fruit buffet

More fruits

Most of the fruits here were of the sweet type, such as water melon, honeydew, jackfruit and papaya. Being a person with a sweet tooth, I gladly took many portions of those. :) Eating can be an enjoyable and guilt-free activity. *LOL*

Fruit variety

Halfway eating our fruits, one of the workers/owners (not sure) came over and brought a jug of blended green papaya juice. "Green" means young papayas that still have green skin. Apparently, this type of papaya is not sold in the market because they're too young. But the juice, however, has plenty of vitamins and it's surprisingly sweet! All of us were given a sample of the drink free of charge. :)

Complimentary green papaya juice

Finally, before we left, I went to claim my free juice, where I chose the combination of green papaya and pineapple. The juice was so concentrated but absolutely delicious! There was no addition of water or sugar, just purely fruit juice. If I weren't so full after the fruits, I would have ordered an extra glass. ;)

Green Papaya + Pineapple juice

Some pictures were taken before we left:

The Zhao couple

witch and Zhao Jie

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip to the fruit farm. I didn't know the existence of the fruit farm buffet until that time. I would highly recommend this place to be included in the must-visit list for any tourist to Penang.

Farm Address:
Batu 18, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Penang
Tel: 604-8665168
Fax: 604-8665170


J2Kfm said...

cool, i'll be glad to munch away, with all those nutrients, and guilt-free, as you said. :)

khengsiong said...

Never know there is such a place in Penang Island. I always thought of Penang as a crowded and dusty place.

foongpc said...

Wow! Didn't know there's such a place! I think I will love the fruit buffet since I'm a person who love eating fruits! : )

Yin Hoon said...

Yes, fruits can be very filling... but your stomach is so full of water (liquid) afterwards and you get hungry very soon... and some people need to visit the toilet very often afterwards hehehe....

mimid3vils said...

Oh...I just read abt this orchard last Sunday!!!

iamthewitch said...

J2Kfm: Oh yea, it's the only buffet where I won't feel guilty afterward. *wink*

khengsiong: Oh my friend, you haven't explored Penang enough yet. ;) There's still another part of Penang undeveloped and full of nature and fruits. ;)

foongpc: Yes I actually knew you would love this place! Do visit it some time! :)

Yin Hoon: Haha you're right, definitely more frequent visits to the toilet! But it felt like cleansing of the body with those juices. LOL

mimid3vils: Really? Where did you read from?