Friday, July 20, 2007

The laxative effect

Hooray, my pimples are clearing up! :) I'm starting to see a new glimpse of hope, a ray of light, muahaha... Smooth radiant skin, welcome back! And it's all thanks to the yucky chinese medicine I took, 10 bowls in all!

I was too worried with my condition last weekend and went to see a chinese physician. The good thing with chinese physician is that they do not need to take your temperature, listen to your heart beat with stethoscope, poke you with needles, etc etc. They just touch your pulse, listen and voila! They know what's wrong with you. Hehe.. As for my case, I'm apparently down with heatiness, lack of water in my body... not because I don't drink enough, but because my kidneys are weak, hence unable to generate enough water for my body. So I had to take this chinese medicine, with all the leaves, herbs, powders, roots, ugly black things... Boil all of them together using 4 bowls of water, until it becomes 1 bowl. That surely needs some skill in estimation.

And the smell... YUCK! It's horrible horrible smell, even the smell alone 'tastes' bitter. No matter, I have to drink to get well. At least, it's a one shot thingy, so just get it over and done with. The doc said I need to drink at least 5 packets of those medicine (what?!!!) to cure completely... so I obediently followed his advice, one packet a day. The funny part was, after the 4th packet, I felt my stomach being windy, and growling nonstop. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, so much so I could not really study at night, for my upcoming test.

When I downed the final bowl, the same effect occurred again. This time, it became worse, up to the point where it's like diarrhea! Had to go to the toilet and then it dawned on me, that my medicine has laxative effect! Man it was a really LONG call and I felt so much better after that! I called my parents right after and told them about this, my dad was so funny.. he said it's good that I let it out... The 'heat' has come out from my body. Muahaha.. :S Anyway, I dont' really care since it's over now... Clear face is more important to me. Ciao... :)

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Jeremy said...

Hi. Keep posting yea. Clicked ur blog by ur reply about the word "Pwn" in Kenny's blog.