Monday, July 30, 2007

Black magic?

I've always received mails about how people get 'spelled' from dark magic or spiritual forces, but I never knew that it is really true. Sometimes you really need own personal experience to actually appreciate what others have gone through, albeit how unbelievable they can be.

I have an uncle who recently retired. He was previously a manager in a well-known MNC. Anyway, about a few weeks ago, he went down with fever. At first it was a normal fever, then the temperature kept rising. Panadols couldn't help, same went with Chinese herbal tea... The temperature just didn't nudge, in fact, it went higher and higher... until at one point, my aunt got too worried and sent my uncle to the hospital. He was there under inspection for a few days, and at first the doctors blamed it on the Chinese herbal tea that my uncle took. All I can say is that, doctors being doctors, they would conveniently blame it on Chinese medicine whenever possible, so that it reflects how superior 'western' medicine is. Anyway, he stayed in the ward for a couple of days, but didn't seem to respond well to medication. He was then moved to the ICU for apparent reasons.

The doctors inspected him and mentioned something about his lungs filled with water. He was having difficulty breathing at times and his fever was still there. Things started to get worrying when he didn't get any better after a whole week in the ICU. His symptoms seemed to be changing daily, sometimes attacks to his lungs, sometimes his liver, etc. My aunt then got a Chiense qigong master to help look into my uncle. This master is very experienced and has been proven to heal people with his immense 'qi'. He has even cured patients with cancer before. So this master visited my uncle and tried to help him, but what he said surprised us all. He said he tried to 'pump' in his qi through my uncle's body but it wouldn't go through. What was most unbelievable was that the master said my uncle was casted with black magic, which was preventing him from healing. I really was skeptical at first when I heard the story... Could this really be true?

My aunt, of course, not letting go all options, asked around her friends for any known bomoh. She managed to find one and the bomoh confirmed of this dark magic casted on my uncle. Fortunately, he managed to 'exorcise' this magic away from his body, and also put on a 'shield' such as to prevent further attacks. My uncle's daughter, a.k.a. my cousin, is working in the UK, and she recently met with a serious car accident. Her car was crashed to the point of total loss, but fortunately she was okay. The bomoh heard about this and said that it could part of the black magic's power as well, perhaps it was casted to hurt the whole family. It really gives me goosebumps just to type about this. My uncle was much better after the 'treatment' and we're all glad that he's improving now. I'm sure my cousin was scared the hell out of her... being alone in the foreign country, and to know that she herself was vulnerable to this spell.

We still did not manage to find out who in the world would cast such a horrible spell on my uncle. Our initial suspect is probably someone who got retrenched from my uncle's ex-company previously, and wanted to retaliate. Well, I must say this is really spooky, and it goes to show that extraordinary powers really do happen. At the end of the day, it is really much much safer to be in the good books of other people, rather than to make enemies.

To everyone reading this post, I really hope to get feedback from you guys if you have encountered personal experience before as well. Thank you in advance!

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