Friday, July 6, 2007

To share or not to share?

Sharing the tab, I meant... One of the topics boggling the minds of us girls has always been the issue of $$. Yes, pure, cold, hard, cash! For example, when a girl goes out with a guy, is it expected for the guy to fork out for meals? Is this an 'expectation' or is this a 'gentleman' rule? In my humble opinion, it is always a guy's responsibility to make sure his girl is well-fed and comfy, and if that includes providing for her meals all the time, so be it! Don't you agree? If not to provide protection and security, why do we need guys anyway?

Yes, some might argue, protection and security do not only come in the form of cold hard $. At the end of the day, what a girl wants is someone who is there for her, who stands by her side no matter what happens.. or is it? Well, back to the point of sharing the tab or not?

I guess if the guy is someone who is stable financially ( I'm talking about a guy who makes more money than he can spend, who is fully contented with what he has, and who is not burdened with numerous loans to pay back :P), it is only sensible for him to fork out most of the time. I mean, it's not that girls are stingy or anything, but it makes us feel special you know? That someone is providing for us, it makes us feel secured. On the other hand, if you're talking about a guy who has just started working, who is burdened by substantial car loan, study loan, etc etc, then it is just not good to expect too much from him. He's probably having a hard time himself to make ends meet, and to provide for you as well? It's going to be tough, babe! And so, you might ask, why fall for this guy? Again, back to my point above, some girls just do not equate security and comfort to cold hard $. Probably this guy has what it takes to be a good father in the future? Or this guy is just so ambitious, you feel strongly to be part of his life, to see him succeed, to see him make it? Trust me, there is nothing sexier than seeing a guy fighting with high spirits just to reach his goals, and to know that his goals include providing you a good, nice dinner. ;) Awww, isn't that just SO sweet?

So, my conclusion here is that, we girls have to be understanding once in a while. Yes it is good to be spoilt and flourished with gifts and flowers and fine dining.. but if our guy is striving hard to achieve that, just take a step back, appreciate what he is doing... and of course, it doesn't hurt to give him a treat sometimes! ;)

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