Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Dear diary,

What is happening to me??? I am getting pimples constantly... I used to have a clear and smooth face and lately, pimples are popping out of my forehead area like nobody's business! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but I'm getting a CONSTANT stream of pimple on my forehead. It only appears one at a time, and when one subsides, another one surfaces! That is so irritating and disconcerting as well... :(

I went back to my hometown last weekend, and went to see a chinese physician to check on my health. Apart from my constant breakout stream, I also have very dry and chapped lips. The physician told me that I have weak kidneys (oh my! more and more problems surfacing) and that I need to drink some chinese herbs to 'cure' my kidney so that it can rehydrate my body... which leads to the dry lips and pimple breakout I suppose. Oh well, no harm trying I guess. The drawback though, is that the medicine is black and thick and bitter... yuck! Hopefully I get better soon... :)

All right, back to work. It's only Tuesday... TUUUEESSSDAAYYY.. sigh.. I missing my weekend already!

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