Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday evening jam...

I know it's already Saturday now, but I have always wanted to complain about Friday evening jams in Penang! For the benefit of those in the dark, Penang is actually an island located away from the Peninsular Malaysia. Due to the lack of land in the small island, a growing number of residents are choosing to live in the peninsular to avoid congestion and the fast growing and ever increasing property prices in the island. Couple that with the fact that on Friday, there is also a number of residents in Penang who go back to their hometowns outstation, there is a sudden outflux of vehicles on every Friday evening. No thanks to our one and only bridge leading the vehicles away from the island, you guessed it, the road towards to the Penang bridge is ALWAYS, mark my words, ALWAYS bumper to bumper!

That is irritating not only to those who are heading towards the Penang bridge, but also to those who are staying in the island, but need to use the same road along the way to the Penang bridge. This is the road we Penangites call the coastal highway, which leads to the Penang bridge and many other areas in Penang. I, for one, am affected because the area where I stay is located very near the bridge. Hence, I am one of the victims of Friday night jams.. :( From my somewhat limited but sufficient experience, I have learnt that in order to avoid being part of the congestion, one must leave office AT 5pm, SHARP. The earlier the better, of course. However, once you leave AFTER 5pm, the coastal highway will be jammed and it will take forever to reach home!

This is the picture I took from my apartment, I don't remember what time I took it, but it was definitely a Friday evening...

Yeah the picture is not very clear, but you can see on the road, there are actually many cars judging from the red backlights. THAT is the coastal highway in Penang.

Now here is another picture I took just from my apartment... Also jampacked with cars:

Sigh... I look forward to Fridays definitely, but not the jam! Oh well, ups and downs to everything! On a another note, since I've taken pictures anyway, I would like to post a picture of the view from my apartment taken on dusk, Friday.

A nice blue seaview... :) Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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