Monday, January 14, 2008

Period pain remedy please

I am writing this post to call out for EVERYONE, anyone, please tell me any good period pain prevention method (no medication, please) that you know. Yesterday marked the most dreadful pain that I have ever experienced due to menstruation, in my entire life. No doubt it was the very first day of period but everything was fine, that was, until after lunch.

It started with a mild discomfort which was usual for me sometimes. But then it gradually became worse and I had to crunch my stomach, which did not improve my situation any bit, mind you. I tried to sleep it off, lied down on the bed and counted sheep (yes, I was THAT desperate). But I only ended up tossing and turning and sweating under all the pain. To top it off, I could not sleep at all. It got so bad that at one point, I actually vomited part of my lunch out (ok, gruesome).

Anyway, I read from somewhere that hot wattle bottle placed on the aching area would help ease period cramps. So, with fumbling hands and a subconscious mind, I dragged myself to boil water and poured it into some bottle. Due to the sad fact that I did not have a proper rubber water pouch, I had to make do with the only plastic bottle that I could get hold of. And then I placed the scorchingly hot bottle, layered with a piece of cloth, onto my stomach. It was burning, but it helped to distract my mind from the pain. But it did not really help me sleep... that was until Help arrived. By Help, I actually meant Panadol Menstrual pills. :P After popping two of those, only did I start feeling better and manage to doze off peacefully.

So people, if you have any good remedy to PREVENT period pains, please do share with me. I'm more than happy to try them out! :) Of course, no medication... and I think I'm under a lot of stress lately *sigh*


fir3man said...


Just wonder, are you on EPO? Evening Primrose Oil?

That can help, but get something that is good quality, usually with mixture of herbs like ginger, "dang gui" to help ease the body recovery.

I just have some exposure to this though I am a guy, hope that can help you.

iamthewitch said...

No, I'm not on any EPO... Is it really helpful? Gosh, I'm more ignorant than a guy! :P Any recommendations to a good quality one? ;)

fir3man said... drop by at my blog and ask me about EPO. Now all my readers know I know about EPO. *shy* Haha!

I think nowadays most girls are taking EPO regularly. Some got it from the pharmacy, some got it from some MLM companies. My sister and my relatives are the EPO from Nutrilite Amway. So far the feedback from them are good.

Perhaps you can consider that.

Should we take this discussion offline? I forgot how I reach this blog already, you can try to reach me at my friendster profile:, perhaps I can give you my email address there.

Have a good day there. I hope you can overcome this as soon as possible; I heard, from Chinese Medicine point of view, it's not right to have pain.


fir3man said...

suddenly thought of one thing.

absolutely no ice water! It's very bad....really very very bad...

iamthewitch said...

Oh yes.. no iced water, ALWAYS... :)

cupnsaucer said...

lots of hugs and kisses will help :)

consequence said...

Iced water of any kind is definitely very bad, so are some fruits such as papayas and (gasp) pineapples. And there's a piece of advice going around (unsure whether it's fact or myth) that you aren't supposed to wash your hair when your period comes. The chemical composition of the shampoo will cause damage.

iamthewitch said...

Oh I've got that email before, but I never really believe it. Imagine not washing your hair for 4-5 days! Eeeewwwww..... :P

fir3man said...

The washing hair part I am not so sure about it. But iced water, avoid it by all means at all time.

Could elaborate about the effect if you are interested.

iamthewitch said...

Yes I'm interested! :) Tell me, why is iced water bad, mr expert? :P

fir3man said...

This space would not be enough to talk about that. I've put that in in my blog queue, will let you know when it's posted in my blog.

Need to spare one of my afternoon to write about that...

Have a good day there :)