Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wong Kok, Coffee Bean and Dr Chin...

This post is definitely LOOONG overdue ever since Christmas! My dear friend Mei Fong came back for a mere 1 week from the UK, and she sweetly took the effort to travel all the way up to Penang from Perak! She's my buddy in high school and we sat next to each other for a good few years. :) Seeing her after a lapse of, 2 years? has definitely made me realize how much we have lost touch! For starters, she's no more the nerdy, specky, strict, bookworm that you'd know back at school. Mind you, she's blossomed into a trendy, bubbly, spec-less Doctor! Yes, you heard me right... After 5 years of grueling, she's finally back with a prefix to her name. And am I proud of her!

We had a nice mini gathering and catch up on the day that she reached Penang, at Wong Kok restaurant. This is everyone (from left, clockwise) : Mei Fong, Bamboo, Hamdan, witch, Mavis and Chee Mun.

Here are some of the food I took from Wong Kok. The food there is not particularly amazing, except for one. I shall reveal to you what it is later... *wink*
Fried rice with prawns... hmm how come I don't see any prawns?

Rice with chicken?

Rice with no idea what...

szechuan noodles @ wong kok

crispy noodles
Crispy noodles

fish and chips with rice
Rice with fish and chips

And finally, may I introduce you to the pride of Wong Kok... it is no other than the incredibly delicious Char Siew Sou! *LOL* This is definitely the must-have in Wong Kok. The crispy exterior of this pastry with a generous feeling of char grilled meat inside, blended with a uniquely sweet sauce totally makes up a perfect combination. I can eat Char Siew Sou only and will not feel bored. :P
char siew sou @ wong kok
Char Siew Sou

Bamboo showing us of his ring. No, he's not married, but he's just very proud of this ring, I wonder why...
Bamboo with ring

After dinner, a few of us proceeded to have coffee at Coffee Bean. It was a weeknight, hence, the crowd was not so bad. We all ordered ice-blended drinks though we're stuffed from dinner!
Our drinks

Some camwhore sessions during the night...
witch with green tea ice blended

Mei Fong with her ice-blended coffee

Mei Fong and witch at Coffee Bean

Bamboo and witch - Bamboo can you smile more genuinely or not? :P

The cool Hamdan...

Bamboo again...

It was definitely great to have sessions like this once in a while. It definitely brought back old memories of school and the warmth of friends from school. You will never be able to get the same openness, warmth, honesty, closeness with friends you know elsewhere... And Mei Fong, distance is but a number. ;)

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