Monday, January 21, 2008

Slim iPod Nano

I have been meaning to post this blog entry for the longest time, believe me, but I always got distracted... Let me take this opportunity to introduce to you my latest baby, the incredibly slim and light iPod Nano by Apple, no less. For those who read my previous entry, they would know that I have wanted an iPod for the longest time. Finally, I got it as a present during my birthday last year! =))) I took the following pictures right after I bought them, hot off the rack.
iPod Nano in the box - The salesperson at Switch said that I was the first one in Queensbay mall to get the new iPod Nano model :)

The new outlook of this short and fat iPod nano clearly looks and feels better than the previous long and narrow version. First of all, it has a larger screen, which allows for a better view of your song lists, photos or even MTVs. Yes, it can even play videos, unlike the previous iPod nano.
Side view

Back view

When I bought the iPod, it was so new that there was no display unit available. I did not even get to TOUCH the gadget before purchasing it. Can you imagine paying more than 600 and not being able to test it beforehand? Well I did not regret it one bit!

Look at its profile. It is so thin, it makes one's fingers look huge! *LOL*
Thin profile

One tip I would like to share with iPod nano owners is, and may I stress, only those who are thrifty :P, is the screen protector (a.k.a. the transparent layer of film to protect the screen). If you purchase the original screen protector from Switch itself, it will cost at least RM30 or more. What I did was actually to go to a mobile phone shop, and ask for a mobile phone screen protector instead, with the size similar to my iPod screen size. So the kind salesperson actually looked through the sizes available and found one that pretty much matched the size of my screen. He even helped me to adhere the layer onto my screen. All for a mere cost of... RM8! Isn't that a great deal? :)
Front view

Overall it is indeed a great improvement in terms of the outlook. Sound quality should not differ much from the older generation, but the graphics certainly did improve! If you do not believe me, the Switch outlets already have display units available right now for you to play with.

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