Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Visiting Cat's new place

My very good friend Cat has just moved in to a new apartment after a whole month of painstakingly pushing the contractor, carpenter, mason, just ANYBODY who has anything to do with the apartment to do their job, and it is finally completed! And I had the honor to visit the apartment one fine day, to admire the newly scrubbed floors, the plush and comfortable sofa, the newly installed kitchen cabinets (which still smelled of wood!), the pretty bedroom set and the sturdy dining table.

The very comfortable couch which was handpicked by her :P

The place definitely spelled cozy if anything at all. It makes one feel just at home by sitting on the couch and watching Astro. *LOL*

The bedroom was nicely decorated with very straightforward furniture without being too elaborate. It is a good move to place just the basic requirement to avoid making the room too clustered. (I'm NOT saying your room is small OK :P )

Bedroom table
I can imagine a lot of good nights' sleep with this comfortable bed! =)
Bedroom bed

Dining area
Dining table
There was a time earlier when Cat was complaining about her kitchen cabinet being too dark and gloomy. She made me imagine that the whole kitchen was just dark and wooden looking. Fortunately, she made it sound worse than it was. :P In fact, I did not think it was such a bad design after all. I just like the horizontal woodgrain on the cabinet, coupled with the modern-looking handle. Somehow the combination makes the cabinet look very presentable, in my humble opinion. And oh, I just love the kitchen solid top! It's so smooth to the touch!
Kitchen cabinet
Now the last part of the apartment is what I'm most amazed with... Introducing the revolutionary, state-of-the-art, contemporary (I just couldn't resist overdoing the suspense) *drum rolls* ... AV room! Also known as the audio-visual room, in case you did not know.

Call me naive but I have never experienced a mini 'cineplex' within a house. The experience was just surreal. The whole room was windowless and fully padded and carpeted. There was a 7.1 sound system, and not to mention the 100" projector screen. Watching a movie in this room is definitely MUCH better than watching movie in the cinema, I would say. For starters, you won't have to put up with annoying ringing tones, or with people who talk too loud, or with people who just visit the washroom nonstop and keep blocking your view. PLUS, you have the liberty to stop and pause whenever you want to! Anything beats that?

AV room projector screen
AV room screen


kennysia said...

That is quite impressive for an apartment block! Kinda concerned that the bass from the AV room might be so hard it'll wake the neighbours.

But... who cares, right? hahaa!

(P/S. Thanks for the e-mail btw. I got it, but it's taking me so long to get back to ya.)

iamthewitch said...

Thanks for dropping by! :) Yes, the when you're in the AV room, you're pretty much oblivious to the surroundings, really. :)