Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some nice Singapore food

This is a final follow-up post on my Singapore trip in December 07. Lately, I have been so busy with work and studies that I had to procrastinate updating my blog. :( I just wish there were more days in a week, more hours in a day sometimes. Oh well, we don't always get what we wish for, do we?

Anyway, let us start with the first and only frog porridge that I have ever tasted! It's apparently a famous delicacy in Singapore Geylang road, Lorong 9. Well, Geylang is also famous for 'other' activities as well, if you know what I mean *wink*. I tried at the coffee shop which was located at the corner of the shop house, but I don't remember the name of the shop *frown*. But I did take a picture of the stall which was located inside this coffee shop. :) Erm, sorry, but I can't read Chinese, so please don't ask me what's the name of the stall... :P

Geylang claypot frog
Clay pot frog porridge

If you look at the banner, they have 3 main varieties of clay pot frog porridge available, and I chose the Dried Chilli version. It came served with a big pot of porridge as well.

Geylang claypot frog
Geylang claypot frog
Dried Chilli Clay pot frog

Geylang porridge
Clay pot porridge
Believe me, the porridge was amazing! It just did not look amazing in the picture, but when I tasted it, I could honestly say it's among the best porridge that I have tasted so far. And the portion was extremely big! Coupled with the dried chilli frog, the taste was just more than a perfect match. It was definitely worth a try. :)

Next place I wanted to share is the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant in Wisma Atria. The place has been a legend on its own for a long time but I have yet to taste it until last year. I have to say, I am not surprised why it is STILL a legend now. I ordered the unmistakable dumpling, also fondly known as 'Siew Long Pau' in Cantonese. It came in a plate of 5 pieces, and tasted wonderful. As usual, the soup just oozed out with the very first bite into the dumpling. Add that with the flavourful marinated meat and the thin dumpling skin, it was indeed gorgeous. :)

Din Tai Fung dumpling
Siew Long Pau

I also ordered the hand made noodles which was also a specialty in the Shanghai-themed restaurant. It was not exactly the greatest noodles that I have tasted, but I could say that it was definitely better than Dragon-I in Malaysia. *sorry!*

Din Tai Fung noodles
Mushroom noodles
Another one of those featured food in the menu was the Pork Chop, which I also ordered. It did look great on plate, but the taste was just OK. It wasn't too bad, but I suppose the meat was not really marinated. So it was just like eating normal pork which was fried?

Din Tai Fung pork chop
Pork Chop

Finally the one thing not to be missed was its glorious mango pudding dessert! I am a fan, always a fan of mango! Only the sweet mango, mind you. And it NEVER goes wrong with ANY dessert at all. Hence, came the last item in my list. :) I do not know what those small sago-like pieces were, but they did taste fine in the combination. The pudding was just marvellous. Or it was just the mango. Either way, I will never say NO to mango. Give it to me anytime and I'll take it! :)
Din Tai Fung mango pudding
Mango pudding dessert

Indeed, Singapore does have a lot of nice places for food, if we really go and explore and ask the locals around. I'm sure there are still loads to be discovered. :)

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