Monday, June 2, 2008

I fell down :((

Blame it on the rain...


Why do I have the feeling that the AFTER picture looks much worse than my DURING shot?

No scars please!


CYLEE said...

poor fella. the after photo looks worse probably due to the iodine and the lighting of the photo only. no worries :D

IamDoryFish~ said...

ewwwww.......i just had my breakfast! :P
Dear, i have medicine ointment for the bruises. Let me know when you are ready to "massage" your leg!

giddy tigress said...

Oh dearie me....hope it gets better soon!

aik yean said...

OMG...hav to "massage massage" ooo, so tat no scars! Get well soon lor.

iamthewitch said...

cylee: Thanks... the bruises are turning greener than ever! :(

iamdoryfish: OK i can't wait for that to happen! Thanks dear :)

giddy tigress: thank you!

aik yean: Yea need to massage... but only after the hard blood clot comes off *yuck*

chiaoju said...

:) You know what's my philosophy about falling down? I blame it on tallness. With my height, I fall down quite often. With you being taller, let's blame it on some balance thingy and all. hahahaha...:)

cal81 said...

aw, u poor thing... that's quite a fall u had... No worries, u'll get well soon! =)

yup, chiaoju's theory is quite relevant in this case ~ kedudukan pusat graviti terlalu tinggi

iamthewitch said...

chiaoju: Haha.. our height! I thought of that as well, but cannot always use that as an excuse to collect scars! :P

cal81: Ishhh!! How are calvin? How to be stable with high centre of gravity? :P