Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas season at the malls!

Ho ho ho! It is the season of merriment again, the most pretty season of the year. :) Christmas is coming really soon, so MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! Nowadays, shopping malls are almost competing with each other to come up with the best and most beautiful Christmas decorations. I was in KL last weekend and visited three different malls. (What else was there to do? :P) I shall now present you my mini compilation of pictures taken from the various Christmas decorations at the malls.

1. Mid Valley Megamall
The first tree I took picture of was near MPH bookstore, where there was a HSBC booth set up. The tree was themed Red, which matched HSBC's booth colour.

Mid Valley, outside MPH

The trees at the Centre Court were impressive. Very gigantic and lots of lights and ornaments. Very Christmas-sy. :)

Mid Valley Centre Court

Never forget to take picture of yourself. ;)

witch with Xmas trees

Random and irrelevant picture, so let's move on. :P

witch and her favourite Starbucks drink

Look, my whole background was covered with the tree! It's either the tree was damn huge or my camera had very narrow angle. I'd like to think it was the former. :P

Still at Mid Valley

Look at the Centre Court from a different angle and you'd be blown away. Amazing!

Mid Valley Centre Court at night

witch and Saucer

witch at Mid Valley

2. One Utama
1 U's decoration was using white trees with cards on the floor. Simple and nice, but not as nice as Mid Valley's in terms of effort put in, I guess. And not nearly as colourful. :) But it still gave me the Christmas-sy feeling.

One Utama

Did you notice the cards pasted on the floor?

View from 2nd floor

3. The Curve
I must say, this was my favourite! I mean, there was practically a whole area used for landscaping. There were not only trees, but cute elves, dangling lights, molded/shaped bushes, etc. I spent the most time taking pictures here compared to the rest.

The Curve

Oh, I love this arch/walkway!

witch at The Curve


And this, my friends, is my favourite tree of all! I know it's not very complicated compared to the rest, but it must be the colour combination of it all. And don't forget its huge size with towering height.

My favourite tree!

Oh, reindeer in the house! Where's Santa?

with reindeer

Look at the cute elf and the giant rabbit there. I couldn't make out why was there a big rabbit? Maybe someone else could tell me why? :)

with huge rabbit

Finally, an elf giving a peace sign. So cool!

Peace y'all!

So which one do you think is the nicest? :)

I love Christmas, even though I don't really celebrate it. It's the season of joy, giving, merriment and not to forget... Shopping! I loved all the Christmas decorations everywhere! Merry Christmas everyone! *hugs*


MisSmall said...

Mr T likes Christmas deco at Curve the most too. Because of the whole garden theme, I guess.

On my end, I haven't been paying attention to the deco since I'm usually too engrossed by the sales that's practically everywhere now! Haha.

CY said...

I have to say this year's ornaments are much less attractive compared to the previous year.

I still remember the enchanted forest of Mid Valley and the huge nutcrackers in One Utama. Then there's the multi tiered xmas tree at Pavilion.

Must be the economy....

Bamboo said...

erm... isn't it sort of illegal to take pictures inside a shopping mall... i still remembered last year when the guard scold me for taking a picture of lights shaped like a christmas tree hanging upside down.
Are you sure there are no Santa in the shopping mall? Want to sit on his lap? :P

giddy tigress said...

Aisay...I forgot to take any pictures of Christmas decorations this year...but then, I really did not have the decos! What about Penang malls!

Mr. Brilliant said...

I wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with love

chiaoju said...

i would have to agree with u. the curve looks the best in this case... but i still prefer the toy soldier deco last year at one utama... :) they had this castle with all the piano keys...and toy soldiers.... :P so cute!

iamthewitch said...

MisSmall: Haha I agree with you girl! Sales EVERYWHERE making me dig deeper into my pocket :P

CY: Wow, forest theme? Don't really remember, I must have missed it out. Well, bad economy but the malls are still filled to the brim with people!

Bamboo: I know what mall you're referring to, it's Queensbay Mall! I got scolded once by the guard also, but I think it's crap. SO MANY people were taking pictures so I don't think I'd care. :P

giddy tigress: To be honest, I think I spent less time in Penang malls compared to KL for this month of Christmas! Haha...But I'll make sure to snap some if I happen to be there in the next few days. ;)

Mr Brilliant: Merry Christmas to you too!

chiaoju: Oooh you're the second person who said the same thing :) Merry Christmas!

meifong said...

MY and Bamboo: I remember that occasion when we got scolded for trying to take photos in Queensbay Mall! Don't really know though we are going to recreate the idea in a rival mall..

iamthewitch said...

Yea I remember that! Stupid guards...