Sunday, December 14, 2008

Delicious Strawberry Chicken at G Hotel

It's the end of the year and the season of merriment! Apart from that, it's also the season for wedding dinners for lovebirds. :) Recently, my ex-coursemate Melvin held his wedding reception in a new swanky hotel called G Hotel in Gurney, Penang. Since we have already finished our Masters course in September, we took this opportunity as a reunion with the rest of the gang.

Tham the Monitor and Kent were there early.

Tham and Kent

Before the dinner began, I took my own sweet time to snap some pictures with Manager P and Allan, because they were both sitting next to me. :P

witch and Manager P

Allan and witch

Every table was provided with a menu, as usual, and the menu for the night looked deliciously tempting! I was looking forward to the G Style boneless chicken and the fried Japanese udon.


The 4 seasons platter looked attractive, but not nearly as tasty. I only liked the satay and the fried breaded spring rolls. One thing which was a nuisance was the waiter, who simply HAD to help us pick our food. We told him that we could help ourselves, thank you very much, but he insisted that if he didn't do it, his supervisor would scold him. :( We had to watch him place our food delicately, one by one on EACH of our plates, with stomachs growling, before we could actually feast ourselves. *sigh* And, after EACH course, he had to change all of our plates. Then the whole cycle repeated.

4 seasons platter

One of the dishes worth mentioning was the king prawns, which tasted delicious and special, maybe because of the generous amount of cheese used. The cheese went very well with the prawns indeed.

Baked King prawns with cheese and garlic

Ah, and there's my favourite for the night. G Style boneless chicken! Yummy! It's so creative of them to use strawberries as the accompaniment, instead of the usual lemon or orange syrups. The combination worked very well! I know that I had many helpings of these chicken, waiter or no waiter, I still helped myself. :P The strawberries were surprisingly not sour. The chicken was nicely fried without losing the moisture, and the skin was still crispy. I'm salivating at the reminiscence of that night. *LOL*

Strawberry Chicken aka G-style chicken

Steamed garoupa was nothing special, though it wasn't bad.

Steamed Garoupa

Halfway through the dinner, the bride and groom made their rounds for toasting session. When it was our turn, we shouted "Yam Sing" so loud and long, I was sure we were the centre of attraction for the mere 1 minute.

Toasting session

Look at how happy Melvin was! And red :P

"Yammmmmm Sing!"

After the toasting, we took our chance to grab Melvin for a group photo, before he went on to other tables. The attendees that night: Kuan Cheng, Giap Yong, witch, Manager P, Melvin, Tham, Kent, Thomas and Allan.

Table picture

Another picture before we called it a night! I miss hanging out with you guys! We should have more reunions soon (not necessarily on wedding receptions. :) )

Group picture with the groom Melvin

P/S: I know, I know, the dress looked familiar huh? That means it's time for me to go shopping! :P


Jason said...


I am a reader of your blog. I would like to ask were you at Queen's bay mall around 6.30pm?

I bet i saw you or was it not you? Hahaha.


iamthewitch said...

It was me! Well, I was there, and if you spot the correct person, then it was me. :) What did you see I was wearing? You should have said hi or something. Hehe...

Bamboo said...

Does that mean the rest of the food not shown are terrible?

soo sean said...

If guys are wearing the same one for few dinners, it wont be obvious. But for us, I am sorry that the answer is 100% yes. But what to do? Hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I knew it was you but I wasn't hundred % sure.

You were wearing long or was it 3/4 pants and a t-shirt.

I'll say Hi next time :D

Anonymous said...

not only you always wear the same outfits. your style is always the same too. don't you think you need some make over?

Hai Seong said...

be yourself, meiy is the best !!

ck lam said...

You look great in the photo...but I missed the chance seeing you face to face in Dragon-i :(

iamthewitch said...

Bamboo: You're mostly right. :)

soo sean: Sigh, then I better stock up on dresses during the year end sale! :)

Anonymous1: Yea, that's me! Say hi next time :)

Anonymous2: Yea, I'm boring like that.

Hai Seong: ;)

ck lam: Thanks CK. Yea, I wanted to say hi but I was too shy because your group was huge! :)