Monday, December 1, 2008

My delicious home-cooked meal

Earlier this month, I went back to my hometown and spent some time with my family shopping. I know what you're thinking now, what is there to shop in the small town? Well, we only went to the brand new Tesco Kampar, which is pretty much the most popular hangout place right now. *LOL* Anyway, my mom came across this induction cooker for sale and she thought that it would be very useful for me, since I only have rice cooker in my apartment right now. Induction cooker would serve the purpose of light cooking without having to have gas. After much consideration, I gave in and purchased the cooker to be brought back to Penang.

With much excitement, I proceeded to cook my first dinner using the cooker. :) My first dish was the mushroom chicken, which was marinated earlier. Using the induction cooker was not that easy for me because I was not sure what level to set it to. The default setting would be 1800Watt, and I wasn't sure whether that was enough or too much. I guess this had to come with experience, because I didn't know how to correlate the wattage with actual flame. In fact, I first tried to fry an egg with the default settings and it got burnt. :( Therefore, I turned the heat to the lowest possible, which was 400W, and started frying my chicken. Of course, the drawback was longer cooking time (which was better than burning), but guaranteed results.

Frying chicken

The end results were pretty good, according to my standards, and my neighbour Suzie's standards. :P She was invited to the dinner to try out my cooking using the induction cooker, and she told me the chicken was fabulous! I did not exaggerate when I tell you she kept pestering me how to prepare this dish.

Mushroom chicken

Of course, a complete nourishing meal should also come with vegetables, and I chose kangkung, simply because I like it and it's easy to prepare. The common way to fry kangkung is to mix it with belacan, but I didn't have belacan so I just fried with garlic. The amazing thing was, Suzie ate the kangkung and told me it tasted just like belacan kangkung! *LOL* That was probably her way of complimenting my kangkung. :P


I also bought frozen beancurd from the supermarket, to load up on the proteins. I'm proud to say the dishes were not bad at all, and we finished up everything, just the two of us girls.

Home cooked food

Unfortunately, this cooking experience made my whole kitchen, dining area and living room to be smelly and oily, to the point that I've decided to give my new induction cooker to my mom. *gasp* I know I know, wasted money huh? Oh well, judging from the outcome of the induction cooker on my apartment, I don't think I'll be using it again anytime soon. So, why not pass it on? :) Anyway, it was great to have people complimenting on your cooking though. *LOL*


soo sean said...

I had a induction cooker too. Why not you keep it to do some simple cooking? Some of the cooking would not make your whole house oily and smelly.

zewt said...

the heat induction cooker is good for your mom i am sure since the gas cooker releases scentless toxic gas. but then again, you should have kept it since your neighbour kept complimenting you...

eh, what's those white liquid on the tofu?

iamthewitch said...

soo sean: Well other type of cooking would be boiling and steaming, which I could do with the help of my rice cooker. So, I'd rather not clutter my kitchen. Hehe...

zewt: Haha... Oh well, I've already given it away. OMG, what white liquid? That's not liquid! It's actually bits and pieces of the tofu that got stuck on the box it came with. Residue, I should say. Looked like liquid? :P

giddy tigress said...

Frying kangkung (with or without belacan) always leaves the kitchen oily and reeking of some smell. Dunno how to explain...but the food sure looks good.
Hey, I didn't know you were from Kampar?

iamthewitch said...

giddy tigress: Yea, the smell was ever-lasting! Yes, I'm from Kampar... :) Small town of tin mine. :)

zewt said...

i thought you poured yogurt onto it....