Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ronnie Q food sucks

Justify FullAfter reading a recommendation from KYspeaks, Saucer was very eager to try out the food at Ronnie Q, Bangsar. The main attraction was the complimentary Guinness pint of draught that came with every main course ordered. We were there 2 weeks ago and Ronnie Q turned out to be more of a pub than a restaurant. Hence, the selection of food was very limited. Following recommendation, we ordered the Calamari rings, which ended up to be the only thing that was good that night. The rings were huge and fresh, without over-dosage of flour. Also, there was extra papadam added for that crunch! This was definitely a good appetizer, without a doubt.

Calamari rings

There were only 3 types of main courses which came with the complimentary pint, namely Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop and Pork Chop. The price of each was RM20++, which was pretty reasonable, considering that a pint of alcohol was given for free.

Guinness pint of draught

The lamb chop was just normal. It had a lot of fatty meat, but that was understandable I guess. What was not acceptable was, the meat was rather bland. I mean, if you just ate the meat without any sauce, it was just tasteless! Why KY said this was good is beyond me. The only thing commendable on this plate would be the potato wedges, and only because I love wedges.

Lamb chop

As for me, I ordered something out of the Guinness list because I don't drink beer/stout. After pondering through the short menu (which did not take long, by the way), I settled for Steak Sandwich. The sandwich was priced at RM25++, which was easily the most expensive food item on the menu. Therefore, I was high on anticipation, thinking that the food should be much better than the lamb chop. Boy, was I wrong! I was astounded by the sheer presentation (or lack of) of the sandwich! What was that? Toasted Gardenia bread? Cheap and colorless fries? And do you even call that salad? Miserable pieces of cucumber, lettuce and tomato that looked like they'd been reused over and over again as garnish. OK, just by judging the outlook itself, it had already failed. Nevermind, I told myself, one should not judge a book by its cover.

So, empowered with a fresh hope, I tasted the sandwich... and it was exactly what I expected it to be! BAD! The steak was very tough. It did not go well with the thin bread. Gosh, they could have used ciabatta or foccacia for that price. Sigh, overall, this dish was a HUGE disappointment. I could have come up with way better sandwiches myself. NEVER order this. Or maybe, never go to Ronnie Q's, unless maybe for the calamari rings and drinks.

Steak sandwich

Although the food was far from good, Saucer and I both enjoyed each other's company, and I was laughing at him the whole night after he became tomato-faced! He didn't even dare to drive after that!

Red-faced Saucer and witch

Here's the address for Ronnie Q, although I wouldn't even bother.

32, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL

Tel: 03-2282 0722


boo_licious said...

that's really sad..gardenia bread with steak for RM25!

Anonymous said...

Those so called food reviewer eat for free.
They are sponsored by nuffnang to write good reviews even the food is not.
They are all crap.

J2Kfm said...

one look at the sandwich, am I can imagine the witch frowning. hahah ....

iamthewitch said...

boo_licious: I know :(

Anonymous: I guess you're probably right...

J2Kfm: Haha.. yes, imagine a BIG big frown!