Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bharat Coffee House and fresh flowers

Soon, it was my final day in Cameron Highlands and that day turned out to be scorching hot! We went to Tringkap Restaurant again for lunch, since it was reasonably priced and delicious. :) On our way back, we passed by another tea shop by the name of Bharat Tea plantations. Cameron Highlands is so famous for plantations that almost everywhere you look, it's either tea, vegetables or flowers!

Bharat Coffee house

As expected, the coffee shop was deserted when we reached there. Who would want to have tea when the sun was shining as hot as the oven in the middle of the afternoon eh?

Surroundings of coffee house

The famous Cameron Valley tea that you can find from supermarkets, coming all the way from this plantation.

Bharat plantations

There was a tea/souvenir shop just near the coffee house too. A host of different tea leaves were found in this shop. The creative people from the shop also made different hampers using the tea boxes, just to make the appearance more attractive. We didn't stay that long in this plantation because we were already sweating before long! *phew*

Tea shop

Further down the road, my mother suddenly decided that she wanted to pay her relative a visit. I just found out that my mother does have quite a few relatives in Cameron Highlands! All of which I had not met before. *LOL* Anyway, it's never too late eh? After getting directions from the aunty, we finally reached her shop by the roadside. This aunty plants and sells flowers! Oh so gorgeous they were! She offered to take us to the plantations (another jeep adventure) but since it was too hot, we politely declined. Her main crop was gerberas, all kinds of different colours. I fell in love with the bright orange type immediately. :)

Fresh gerberas

Apart from gerberas, there were plenty other types of flowers lying around her shop, most of which I didn't know the names of. There was one interesting flower which was green colour and looked like a ball (see picture below). The 'ball-like' flower was quite cute but it tends to make you to want to pop it open! The interior of the ball was hollow, so if you hold it too tight, it will go out of shape too. Weird type of flower indeed.

Of all colours

Apart from flowers, we also saw those smaller version of flowers that florists use to decorate a bouquet.

More flowers

While admiring the flowers there, I took the chance to do some camwhoring of my own. *shameless* Look I was holding the orange gerberas that I liked! There was also a picture of me with a garland of leaves on my head. *LOL*

Posing with flowers

As usual with all my kind relatives, she asked us to pick any flowers that we liked to bring back home. I think we chose more than 13 small bouquets of gerberas and a host of other different flowers. When we reached home, I gave a try at flower arrangement myself. I think I didn't do that good a job, because I was in a rush. The picture below shows the bouquet that I brought back to Penang. :)

My own bouquet

And that ends my Cameron Highlands trip! Since I missed the chance to go to the flower plantation, I now have a reason to return! :)


foongpc said...

So many nice flowers! The ball-like flowers do indeed look kind of weird. Wonder what are they called?

khengsiong said...

You certainly have reasons to return to CH. I have been there 3 times in the last 5 years!

J2Kfm said...

i'll be going in a month. for work though, but the cooling weather makes it all worthwhile.

Irenelim said...

Cameron Highlands so hot until sweating???

Borneo Falcon said...

Beautiful flowers indeed

vialentino said...

wow...this is a nice coffee house....enjoy ur pics a lot...keep it up

iamthewitch said...

foongpc: I have no idea what they're called too! Very weird shape indeed.

khengsiong: LOL Wow seems that you like Cameron Highlands very much :)

J2Kfm: Yea, a break from the hustle and bustle of city life indeed :)

Irenelim: Surprisingly on that afternoon, it was really hot. It was only cold at night.

Borneo Falcon: Yes, I love them. :)

vialentino: Thank you so much for visiting! :)

Flowernflorist said...

Wow, All flowers are taking us towards the nature, especially Agapanthus and what a creative name it have Lily of the Nile. Once I worked at a local florist that arrange and send gifts and send flower japan to, when I shared this with them they also appreciated!!!