Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just when I...

.. start to understand more conversations spoken in Hokkien,
.. get used to the Friday after-work traffic jams,
.. am comfortable with conversing in Mandarin,
.. fell in love with the fresh coconut drinks that are vastly available everywhere,
.. become more familiar with the roads around Georgetown,
.. signed up a new facial package with the beauty parlour here,
.. booked a couple of cheap tickets from Penang-Macau,
.. discovered the awesomeness of Penang's fruit farm and buffet,
.. visited the gorgeous seafront pub at QEII,
.. became the regular customer of the cafeteria below my apartment,
.. begin to love the beaches and the Penang sea breeze,
.. rediscover the greatness of Penang laksa and char kuey teow,
.. learnt to eat outside alone,
.. embrace the warmth that is Penang air,

I am saying goodbye to it.


J2Kfm said...

you're leaving Penang for KL?
good luck re-adapting? :)

Irenelim said...

Coming to SS2 for Sushi Tomo again? :)

David said...

Seems like my answer is found here :D

Great! one new food lover (with high demand of quality) is in town!

Welcome you with Drum rolls...(imagine a bit lar, haha)

Cheers ^_*

Allan said...

Excellent move. KL is 1000x better than that stupid island. Enjoy!

Big Bos Oven said...

if you coming to Kayel . . . . . welcome to KL! :)

Irene said...

Bye and all the best!

chiaoju said...

im going to miss u babe. *hugs* all the best.

here's a note to Allan. it would be great if you don't generalize and call THAT island a stupid island. if KL is 1000x better, should everyone staying in other places other than KL move to KL? that should make KL even congestedly better eh? =)

Yin Hoon said...

You're moving to KL? All the best ya! :)

ndru said...

Dear Allan,
There is one link i want you to have a look . I hope you will be able to compare KL and the stupid Penang island.
Anyway there is no point comparing KL or Penang. Anywhere that makes one feel good, is good enough.

meifong said...

finally moving huh? now you can see more of your significant other!

Cecilia said...

Life is short. We always have to leave some things behind to move on (Else it will be too heavy).

Don't look back (because you can always go back to these things in the future).

Seize the moment :)

Welcome to KL ^_^

Plazzy said...

All the best MY, keep updating your blog!

sidenote: hmm I seems to like this stupid island.

Anonymous said...

hi, all the best to KL. I surely will miss your blog about Penang, but probably will learn more about KL.

foongpc said...

What? you're leaving Penang? For where? KL? No problem for you lah, can always fly up to Penang, then down to KL then up again in a day. No need to say bye bye! : )

iamthewitch said...

J2Kfm: Thank you Motormouth. :)

Irenelim: Hehe no more Sushi Tomo. :P Perhaps we can go for Jogoya some time. ;)

David: Thank you very much. You're too kind. :)

Allan: Your comment has caused much discomfort with some of my friends, although unintentional. Hmm...

Big Boys Oven: Thank you BBO! :)

Irene: I'll miss you dear Irene...

chiaoju: I'll miss you too girl. *HUGS*

Yin Hoon: Thanks Ah Poh. :)

ndru: Home is where the heart is. ;)

meifong: Finally. :) Girl I miss you! When are you coming back???

Cecilia: Thanks my dear. Thank you for your precious advice too. I am learning to let go so that my shoulders won't be too tired. :)

Plazzy: Thanks Boay. I'll update my blog for sure. :)

Anonymous: Thanks Anon. Yea I'll introduce more on my new life in the new place. It'll be as exciting, I promise. :)

foongpc: Hehehe yeah, I can always turn to my broom in the worst case eh? :P Maybe we'll have a chance to go for makan-hunt one day. What say you?

ck lam said...

We have known each other for some time in the blogsphere and met only recently and now you are leaving...kind of sad.

Anyway, I wish you all the best in your future undertaking and keep blogging ya!

Anonymous said...

Well at least KL's still near to your hometown. Hehehe.. Anyway, good luck in your journey. ^_^

iamthewitch said...

cklam: Thanks for the well wishes CK! I see that you've been frequenting KL pretty often lately. So perhaps you could give me a call when you come again. :)

wotiwant2say: You're right :) Thank you! :)