Monday, May 25, 2009

Things I will miss the most

Thank you everybody for your warm wishes and good luck comments on my previous post. Most of you have successfully guessed where I'm going, and probably why too. ;) It's a big move on my side, and it's a move I hope I will never regret. This move marks a first on a lot of experience that followed, such as
  • the first time I had to type a resignation letter,
  • the first time I had to keep a secret for so long (almost 2 months) before announcing it to my friends,
  • the first time I had to deal with many sad faces of my colleagues and friends (even though I put up a strong front, deep inside, I am just as sad but why make the situation worse right?),
  • the first time I had to let strangers into my apartment to view my room, and more strangers to view my furniture before they purchased them,
  • the first time I had to pack my things into boxes and bags that could fit into 2 cars (that is the part I hate the most - one will be surprised the amount of things that could be kept in 1 small room),
  • the first time I had so many farewell lunches and dinners in one week,
and many more.

The experience is new and exciting, yet it's scary. It's no surprise that the current economic conditions could be better, and yet I'm taking a risk by not only moving to a new company, but also to a new environment. I still remember the first ever time I stepped foot to work in Penang, I felt so foreign (I still do), mainly because of the language barrier. I knew not one sentence of Mandarin and don't even mention Hokkien. Until now, I still can't converse in Hokkien after almost 4 years here. I could probably survive with my limited Mandarin but still, I don't feel as much as home compared to my hometown where I could speak Cantonese and people would not look at me blankly.

Oh and don't forget the roads and the driving experience in Penang. It's one-of-a-kind! I still remember seeing motorists practically snaking their way through in the narrow roads, and seeing with my own eyes, cars that entered a no-entry junction! What an eye-opening experience it was. But they have all helped to build me into a stronger and braver person. I no longer fear driving in Penang (probably because I've become one of those crazy Penang drivers! LOL). One of the roads that I detest driving the most was this one-lane road just in front of a primary school near Bayan Bay food court. When it is the end of a school day, the road would be side-parked on both sides, making the one-lane road narrower than it already is. When it's also raining, you could see inconsiderate cars stopping in the middle of the road while the parents went down to look for their kids! I don't see why these motorists have to impose on others discomfort just for their own convenience.

That aside, there are also plenty of things that I will miss from this little island and my company...
  • my lunch gang at the company, especially Doryfish and Bamboo. I don't think I will ever find friends and buddies like you guys in my new job, people that I can be around with and still be myself. You guys have truly played a big big role in my working life. Sometimes, the thought of having you guys for me to vent in the middle of a hectic working day would really brighten up my mood. Thank you so much for always being there (literally - for lunch!), for not being afraid to point out my mistakes and for just being who you are. I will miss you guys very very much!
  • my quaint and nice apartment with a sea view, goodbye to you. I will never have the privilege to look at the sea whenever I view out my window or my balcony. Not to mention my very reasonable (cheap) rental, which I will have to more than double in my new place.
  • the cafeteria just downstairs of my apartment. I have been such a frequent and loyal customer that the owner knows me by name. I can just call her in advance directly to order and pick up my food without having to wait.
  • cheap hawker food in Penang. I have taken you for granted. There will not be delicious char kuey teow or coconut water easily available anymore. Especially coconut water. :(
  • subsidized lunch at company cafeteria. Where else can you have a plate of rice with 3 dishes at a mere RM1.30?
  • my journey to the company in less than 10 minutes. If I can achieve the same in my new place, it would be a miracle.
  • my mechanic, the boss who's on a crutch. You are so very kind. I will always remember how you never said no whenever I asked for a discount. :)
  • my sickawans - Chiaoju, Yen and Stan. Having you guys around made my weekends in Penang more exciting, and made me a less boring person. :) Hopefully we could still have our gatherings down south. ;)
There are many more things that I will certainly miss from Penang. But I'm looking forward to my new life excitedly. I am scared but I am strong. I will embrace the changes with open arms. And if all else fails, I still have my good friends to fall back on, you know who you are. ;)

Tomorrow will be my last day here. Goodbye dear old Penang. I will miss you.


allie said...

hope you'll get used to the new environment soon. Cheers!
Some of the things you mentioned did reflect my feelings too as I came from Perak to work in Pg, and knowing nothing about HOkkien and the driving experience too. I can really imagine the amount of things that can be kept in 1 small room.. hehe..

J2Kfm said...

wow. such endearing words ...
i can relate to your exp now.
i studied for 4 yrs in Penang, and at time of graduation, it's rather hard to let go of THE place which nurtured my penchant for eating, and subsequently gave rise to my interest in foodhunts, and then of course, blogging.

i wish you all the best witchy one.

cal81 said...

well, it's now ur turn... just days apart after mine =p
it's always hard to say goodbye to the place & company that's been part of ur life, even just for a brief few years. I wish u all the best in ur future undertakings & always look ahead for a better tomorrow! =)
~ don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened~

KW said...

u'll get used to it... i had a tough time leaving pg that time too... o well...

and 10mins to office?? CANNOT BE LAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! unless u r staying in the office!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you and your new career path, and it is an great to have known you since your trainee days right up to the days when we are working together on projects as engineers. May you be well and happy always, kow mui!!!

Ah Louk

iamdoryfish said...

things will never be the same without having you around. :~( I will miss you dearly. Thanks for being such a good and dear friend to me, ALWAYS. Must keep in touch and update me with juicy news when we are apart k? *hugsssssssssss* Take care and all the best :)

iamdoryfish said...

Things we did and I will miss dearly:
1)we both work at the same company. Best lunch mate ever!
2)we both carpool to hometown during weekends
3)we both took swimming lessons at PISA
4)we both took master in microelectronics and completing sooooooon....
5)Pot luck and movie sessions
6)Shopping at Forever 21. Now, no one will shop with me d :(
7)We both enrolled for facial packages at dermalogical
8)Clubbing with you, the good old days...
Btw, you still owe me a kerachut trip!! :P

Plazzy said...

Just remember to let me know when your "big time" comes, you know what I mean right *wink*

alexsim said...

Welcome to the concrete jungle. Well, it's hard to move over to the jungle after so long being adrift in the forsaken Island. but then, things got much better here since then and I have moved on so much. I hope you will be able to adapt to KL, minus the jam, everything is good :) Call me up once in a while...btw, where will u be staying? SS2?

David said...

safe journey there witch!

chiaoju said...

*sob* *choke*

enough said. i'm gonna miss u lots. take care. i'll give u a call when i'm in kl.


Allan said...

Have a safe flight on your broom, witch!

iamthewitch said...

allie: Thanks allie. :) I guess both of us shared the same experience with the same GIGANTIC amount of stuffs in our rooms! :)

J2Kfm: Thank you very much Motormouth! I see that you have a new banner in your blog. Very interesting. ;)

cal81: Yea, can't believe we already left almost at the same time. What a coincidence! Well I wish you good luck too and may your new job will give you want you're searching for. ;)

KW: Hahahhaa.. your last comment is really funny :P

Ah Louk: It's been more than 4 years since we last met during my internship Loke. How time flies eh? Both of us have moved on from our old companies and I'm sure you never regretted your decision. Good luck to you too and smile always. :)

iamdoryfish: Dearest, you made me all welled up reading all those stuffs that we did together. Still remember the good old times when I bunked in your old room in Sg Ara? And also the times we used to gossip so much at our old cubicles when no one was looking. :P I'm missing you badly... I will try my best to go Kerachut with you in the future ok. :)

Plazzy: Haha, we'll see ;)

alexsim: Alex it's so good to hear from you! I hope that I'll enjoy KL as much as you do. ;) I'll call you when I'm there ok. :)

David: Thank you so much David!

chiaoju: :(( I'm missing you too girl. Don't forget to call me whenever you're here. :) We'll chat more when I get my broadband subscription soon ya :)

Allan: Looks like my broom served me well Allan ;) Do organize a gathering with the rest - Vickna and Melvin whenever you plan to come to KL ok :)