Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sushi Tomo at SS2

Sushi Tomo is this Japanese restaurant located in the heart of SS2, just nearby Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. We passed by this place pretty often due to its strategic location, until one day Saucer decided to give it a try.

The interior of the restaurant was a little on the dim side, hence the poorer quality pictures for this post. One thing we noticed was that the economy really did have effect on some of the mid-range restaurants' patronage. Even though it was a Saturday evening, the place was only probably 30% occupied. Oh well, that just meant more people to serve us!

Interior of Sushi Tomo

I didn't like that they used wooden disposable chopsticks here. With the price that they're charging, I believe the customers deserve something better than chopsticks that are jagged and chapped when they're split into two.

Wasabi and chopsticks

As usual, before ordering we're served hot ocha in this cute little cup.

Hot ocha

Saucer's order was the Unagi rice (probably Unagi Jyu?), that came with a complimentary bowl of miso soup.

Unagi rice with miso soup

The presentation of the rice looked pretty appetizing and attractive, don't you think? But Saucer found the unagi to be below expectations. We just had unagi rice about 1-2 weeks before this and the unagi was a big piece of eel cut into pieces. But the unagi here looked like the toppings of unagi sushi, just placed together on a box of rice. The pieces of unagi were rather thin and not that fresh? At least the sauce was not too bad. I guess you could never go wrong with sweet things. :)

Unagi rice

Anyway, at RM24, the verdict was just so-so. Not something that we would order again.

Unagi rice

As for me, I ordered the Gekikara Ramen ( I hope I remembered correctly), which was ramen in spicy soup with a piece of tempura shrimp on top. Apart from the shrimp, there was almost nothing else inside. Sure, there were some small pieces of pork and some vegetables but that's about it. It was so different from the ramen I had in Nippon Yataimura.

Gekikara ramen

The ramen was also served on a wooden box, pretty traditional. The serving was definitely much smaller than the ramen in most of other Japanese restaurants, as you could see from the size of the bowl. The soup and ramen tasted not bad. It was spicy but forgettable. The shrimp was nothing special too, not especially big nor succulent.

Ramen on a wooden box

Judging from my write-up, I guess you could very well tell that the food here did not meet my expectations. It is just that with the price they're charging, I could very well find better ramen or unagi rice somewhere else. Or probably, their specialty was only sushi, coming from the name of their shop. *LOL*

Restoran Jepun Sushi Tomo
Address : 8, Jln SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel. No : 03-7877 6485

Business Hours :
Mon - Fri: 12.00pm to 3pm, 6.00pm to 11pm
Sat and Sun: 12.00pm to 4pm, 6.00pm to 11pm


khengsiong said...

It seems that many people like unagi, but I find it gili. I prefer tempura and salmon.

Irenelim said...

I like unagi too, but at that sort of pricing, I rather drop by Jogoya for their buffet, can have unlimited supply of unagi.. hahaha :)

foongpc said...

I agree with irenelim, better go Jogoya - unlimited unagi and unlimited Haagen Dasz.

Or go Kiku Zakura - at least quality much better.

Hey, just curious to know - how come you appear to be able to appear in Penang and then in SS2 and suddenly in Sepang all within a week? You go flying with your broom is it? LOL!

Borneo Falcon said...

I hate those disposable chopstick. Hardly got any grip when I use it

J2Kfm said...

disposable chopstick for the rice?! that's rather tricky lah ...

sushi king also do that.

but least they dun charge RM24 for unagi on rice.

mimid3vils said...

Tried once, food was so-so only, just like what u said :P

Irenelim said...

Not flying with broom la, the broom only can fly in your dream. Hahaha... fly with AirAsia I guess, everyone can fly... super cheap. :)

Yeap, I like Jogoya's Haagen Dasz also, but usually have to queue up at the ice cream counter towards the end of the buffett time.

foongpc said...

irenelim, no need to queue up for Haagen Dasz in Jogoya! How? Go for Haagen Dasz early before eating other food! That's what I do! No queues then : )

iamthewitch said...

khengsiong: Haha, I guess a man's meat is another man's poison. ;)

Irenelim: Yea, you're right my dear. I guess when the price is too high, one is more willing to top up and go for unlimited supply sometimes. :)

foongpc: LOL your comment really made me laugh! There's something called Firefly my dear friend. I go to KL maybe once a month during the weekend, then one of the Sundays, I went to Sepang from KL. And the next day I took flight back up to Penang again. That's my 'virtual broom'. LOL

Borneo Falcon: Yea, join the club.

J2Kfm: Exactly. I have started bringing my own portable stainless steel chopsticks with me now. :P

mimid3vils: Hi 5! :)

Irenelim & foongpc: Great tips for eating at Jogoya. When I go to KL next time maybe we should come out together for a buffet there and learn how to make the best out of it! :)