Monday, June 1, 2009

Irenelim is giving away free shirts!

About a month ago, I started noticing a new commenter on my blog, who went by the nick of Irenelim. She was very consistent in commenting until I couldn't help but visit her webpage one fine day.

Irenelim Fashion

My, was I glad I did it! She has one of the most diverse collection of dresses that I've ever seen! And they're not gaudy or loud, which suit me really well. :)

New collection of dresses

Her vast collection prompted me to continue browsing and browsing, until I chanced upon this magical link... Free shirts and free delivery!


Free shirts and free delivery

How crazy is that? It's definitely one of a kind and I got attracted instantly. If anyone of you is interested, the offer is still valid and it's very easy! You just need to write a blog post about Irenelim Fashion with 2 links to the website and you're done! :) Since I just moved to KL and discarded a lot of my clothes, I could do with a new shirt myself. ;)

I also browsed some of her collections of dresses and found a couple of my personal favourites. ;) I simply love this halter neck sleeveless chiffon dress!

Halter sleeveless chiffon dress

Even though the model in the picture wore it with a pair of jeans, I think it would even be sexier without the jeans but with a pair of black leggings/stockings. But too bad, the red colour is already sold out! Not my luck I guess.

Black empire-waisted dress

There is another dress that I thought looked pretty elegant and classy. And it's empire-waisted! I love empire-waisted dresses! Makes you look younger and cuter without looking like you're trying too hard to do so. :) This dress is simple and yet sexy, perfect for the night out or for the hot date. ;) Black and pink are still available! :))

One thing I noticed and like about Irenelim Fashion is their Return Policy. Very seldom do you have online stores willing to return/refund/exchange your purchases if you find that you do not fancy them after receiving. Most stores only accept exchanges when there was a mistake or the goods are faulty. However, at Irenelim Fashion, their return policy states that:

"At Irenelim Fashion, we want you to be pleased with your purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you may exchange, replace, or credit your purchase when it is returned/presented in original and sale-able condition. The returned item must be in its original packaging together with its original tags and accessories."

Isn't that great? It means that after you purchase a certain item and you find that it's not that nice/incorrect size when you try it out, you could return it for an exchange or credit. Don't you think this gives you peace of mind when purchasing online? :)

If you are attracted to the free shirts offer as I was, do check out Irenelim's Fashion and start writing away. Otherwise, if you're not a blogger, her collection of dresses is enough to make you drool! *LOL*


Irenelim said...

Hi witch, thank you tonnes for the good words. They really have made my Monday so much more cheerful! Hahaha... do get in touch. MSN or email?


foongpc said...

Yeah, I notice Irenelim is very hardworking in commenting on blogs. Find her comments in a lot of blogs.

Must be very rich now, yes Irenelim? : )

But sorry I don't know anything about ladies' fashion so can't write anything about her site. Wonder if she has any plans to introduce men's shirts? : )

Kitkat said...

Irenelim Fashion is so different from the other blogshops. Hers is more user friendly and easier to navigate. All items on the site has clear photos, descriptive information and of course like what you mentioned, she has good return policies. Oh, reasonable pricing too! :)

Bengbeng said...

I once wrote a post about Irenelim fashion and she sponsored dresses ( my birthday present ) for my wife's birthday. Since then I am hooked. My wife and I are busy most of the time and we don't have time to do much shopping. Now Mrs just orders stuff from her. The prices are resonable, is so easy and her dresses seem to please my Mrs well. I have more time to do stuff as i no need to accompany her on her shopping trips hahahahh

I blogged about it here :)

Maria said...

Looks like Irenelim Fashion is one of the better online boutiques out there. The site is cleanly organized and easy to navigate... at least I didn't get lost browsing their site. Haha.

zewt said...

For a while, I thought you were doing paid post there... :)

Anonymous said...

Irenelim has a nice collection of clothing! The prices are very reasonable too... looks like I am going to give her a try. Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Irenelim's online boutique looks very happening. I guess if I were ever to buy a dress online, hers will be the first website I will look at.

iamthewitch said...

Irenelim: You're very much welcome my dear :) I really did enjoy surfing your site, even if it's just window shopping. :)

foongpc: Haha, it doesn't harm you to look at women's fashion to arm you for the future! ;) Shopping with women can be fun! *LOL*

Kitkat: I know, I agree with you too. Love the return policy. :)

Bengbeng: Wow, lucky for you to have Irenelim fashion eh? Now you can save lots of time since you save the hassle of driving and parking. :)

Maria: That's really good to know... to have someone who thinks the same way. :)

zewt: Well, judging from all the good feedback, I guess I'm not the only one impressed by Irenelim Fashion :)

Anon1: You're welcome! Hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience. :)

Anon2: I'm sure you won't regret it :)