Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pretty cup cakes

It was my second week at work, and we were all at this training, trying to learn how to operate a freakingly expensive machine. Halfway through the training, during tea break, one of my colleagues brought in a box of cakes. At first, I thought it was the breakfast provided for the training, but then I found out that she made those cupcakes herself! And guess what? They were all customized with names and faces! So adorably cute!!!

Cupcakes galore

To my surprise, even my name was inside, though I didn't even know the birthday girl. *shy* In my defense, I was still a newbie.

Cute cupcake

And mine was pink! Wonderful! We ended up picking our own cupcakes and eating ourselves (literally). *LOL* The cupcake was made from butter so it was rather oily, but it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Happy Birthday girl!


foongpc said...

That's nice of the birthday girl! : )

khengsiong said...

Oh... now I know your name.

I really love the cup cakes. So cute!

Irenelim said...

As cute as you! I haven't tried such cute cup cakes before.

J2Kfm said...

hey, glad you're well in ur new working environment.
one thing i forgot to say, you look really alike kwai lee lah!

uncanny. nobody told you gals that?

Vickna said...

Hi Mei yee!

Wow ur in KL already :).. U never mentioned which company ur attached to?

iamthewitch said...

foongpc: It really was nice of her :)

khengsiong: :)

Irenelim: Aww, you're so sweet! :)

J2Kfm: What? Really? No one told us that before! I should tell her this. LOL

Vickna: HI!!! I heard you've moved to KL too. We should meet up some day ok. You're always busy! :P