Friday, June 5, 2009

My first bowl of Chilly Pan Mee

It's been exactly one week in my new company. I have just managed to get my new notebook 2 days ago, yippee! I'm finally CONNECTED again! Before I continue, let me just vent! I borrowed Saucer's GPS for a few days, 3 to be exact, to get the directions from my place to work. That stupid map directed me to use THREE different routes for all THREE days! How annoying is that! My intention was to learn only one route and I thought 3 days would be sufficient, who would have known it would give me all different routes. *sigh* The worst thing was, in one of the routes, I was shown to use this highway when I didn't need to pass through highway to work, and I ended up having to pay like RM6.60 for that route! *argh* Anyway, after the third time, it was enough. I used the Google maps and jotted down the directions instead. It turned out to be a very straightforward and easy route to work! *yay*

That aside, I just wanted to write about this 'explosive' experience I went through in Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee in Kota Damansara. This happened about a couple of weeks ago, even before I moved to KL. I read about this place in some blogs and decided to give it a try since I didn't know what chilly pan mee was about. The restaurant is located at the very new row of shophouses in the inner Kota Damansara area, with many other restaurants as well.

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee at Kota Damansara

Obviously, on every table there was the unmistakable bowl of chilly flakes in oil. Be very afraid.


Look at how RED the chilli flakes were. With the seeds as well! You could just imagine how hot and spicy they could be.


We ordered a glass of Umbra juice (RM2) and two bowls of chilly pan mee. Before the noodles were served, we were given two bowls of complimentary soup with some meatballs inside. Let me tell you this soup was my saviour at the end of my meal. I'll let you know why. ;)

Complimentary bowl of soup with meatballs

After a short wait, we were served our bowls of appetizing chilly pan mee, without the chilly. There was an egg, minced meat, anchovies and some fried shallots with the noodles. I was hungry so I was attracted to the presentation straight away.

Pan mee pre-mixed

The excited me started to pile up the chilli flakes on to the bowl of noodles before even tasting them. I think I ended up putting in 3 or 4 full spoons of chilli, thinking that if it were any less, it wouldn't be able to cover the whole bowl. My, how wrong was I!


Look at how red the bowl of noodles became! At one point, I could even SMELL the spicyness of the chilli. And that's when I knew I made a mistake. The first few bites were acceptable though still fiery hot. But after the third or fourth bite, I started to feel the heat. The spicyness was much more than I could imagine and I started perspiring in no time. Before I even finished half of the bowl, I couldn't stand it anymore. *sigh*

Super hot chilly pan mee

That's when my bowl of soup became my saviour. Well, it saved my noodles at least. To finish up the rest, I dipped the noodles into the soup before eating them. Sure, this wouldn't eliminate the spicyness completely but it reduced the level to something acceptable. At the end of my meal, I could feel the heat in my stomach even. Gosh! Lesson learnt. Never be too ambitious. *LOL*

The price for the noodles was RM5.50 per bowl. Very reasonable, I would say. Anyway, I would definitely go back to try it out again, this time with smaller amount of chilli of course. The noodles had a nice texture without being too thick or hard. I can't comment on the rest of the ingredients because they're all overpowered by the spicyness!

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee
Jalan PJU5/4, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel no.: 03-6141 7398 , 03-2697 0998


CY said...

looks nice and very familiar. u should try the original "kin kin" chili pan mee. It's superb!! Really missed having these spicy foods.
btw, RM5.50 for a bowl of noodles reasonable? u have deep pockets. 1.5yrs back it used to cost RM4 only!

Lingzie said...

during my first visit to this place, i timidly put in 1 spoon of the chily cos i was warned by friends about the fiery heat! luckily i was being timid! 1 spoonful was just the right amt for me.
hope you have a better experience next time! :)

foongpc said...

I prefer my good old map compared to GPS! Haha!

The pan mee looks absolutely delicious! I would not put that much chili if I were you. Haha! : )

Irenelim said...

Wow, that pan mee looks nice; but I would probably try with very little chili first then gradually add more. Haha... didn't want to have to dip into the soup. :)

Jasmine said...

The noodles look really good, I love spicy food! If only I had a GPS, I would fly there right away!

molly said...

Hi just swing in to say hello.
I love to eat panMee too but have not tried spicy panmee. You should have added in the chilli bit by bit as you eat.

Borneo Falcon said...

What an experience with the pan mee.

mimid3vils said...

Must be careful of the chili flakes~~ :P

iamthewitch said...

CY: Well, it's reasonable considering the location mar. Of course, if you ask me, I would prefer to pay only RM2 or 3 for this. *LOL* Anyway, I have yet to try the Kin Kin pan mee, heard that they're quite rude!

Lingzie: That was a smart move! I shouldn't have looked down on those evil chilli flakes! *LOL*

foongpc: I know. I underestimated the chilli and overestimated myself. :(

Irenelim: Haha, yea dipping into the soup is not as nice as the original dried version though.

Jasmine: Hehe where do you stay? It won't be that hard to find if you know Kota Damansara area. :)

molly: Hello! Yea, I learnt my lesson now. No more overdosage of chilli!

Borneo Falcon: *LOL* That's a memorable experience all right.

mimi33vils: Haha yea, learnt my lesson now. :)

xin said...

LOL. i went there too! and same as u, i got greedy with the chili. and hey the soup is refillable!!!!