Monday, June 15, 2009

My Farewell Pictures

Again I've been pretty slow in updating. The truth of the fact is that I'm going through some tough emotional stage currently but I'm slowly recovering from it. I'll be absolutely fine, in case you're worried. :) Anyway, I've made up my mind to kick start my blogger mode after resting for a while, but I need to clear some of the backlogs that I meant to write sooner.

Let me start with my farewell pictures just before I left Penang. I'm so thankful and blessed to have so many friends and colleagues who care about me deeply during my tenure in Penang. I really can't imagine how my life would be without having them around. And for this, I would like to dedicate this post to all of them, who have made a difference in my life. :)

Starting with doryfish, my dear friend, colleague and buddy in office! You know you have left a deep deep print in my heart and I always counted my blessings that at the end of the day, I still had you to turn to. We have gone through so many things together, right from the day we met when I was still an intern. We joined the gym together, the yoga classes, swimming classes as well as our part-time Masters. Having you around gave me the motivation and drive to go through the tough periods just because you understood. :) Thank you. :)

Doryfish and witch

Then there's Suzie, a girl who worked in the same company and who also happened to stay in the same block as mine! Just a lift ride away, to be exact. I had such a great time with you, especially when your other half was away in the US. ;) Remember when we used to go for dinners so often and watched HK TVB series marathon after that? It was really fun! Oh, and I must thank you again for fetching me to the airport so many freaking times that I felt bad for even asking. :( If you need anything from me, I'll be there. :)

witch and Suzie

A group picture with the girls during one of the farewell lunches.

witch, doryfish and Suzie

How could I forget the 2 self-proclaimed 'legends' in my company, Farn Hin and Kum Soon? (FYI, they're the first and fourth guys from the left in the picture below) Both of them indeed provided endless entertainment and jokes during the time I was there, especially when they both thought they're the more good-looking guys in the whole company. *cough*

Colleagues from ex-department

Thank you for the amazing farewell lunch, and by amazing I meant the company not the food. :)

Another shot

And dear Doryfish also organized a farewell dinner for me, at my favourite Italian restaurant, Bella Italia! *grins* Thank you so much my dear! I enjoyed BOTH the food and company that night ;) Allan I hope your back is getting better now. It touched me that you would come all the way from Kulim for me, even with your back condition. ;) But I ended up doing something to make you proud of me! ;)

witch with Bamboo, doryfish and Allan

Ah, the 4 sickawans! *hugs* Too bad Stan wasn't around that time. I have known these people right from my university time onwards, and our bond is still stronger than ever. It's true what they say, the friends that you made during your study years will never be the same with those that you made during your working years. And I'm truly glad I met them. :)

Witch with Chiaoju and Yen :)

Another group of friends from school, way back more than 10 years ago! Bamboo and Hamdan. Let's toast to another 10 years eh? :)

My secondary schoolmates

Not to forget my lunch gang at the company, the people that I met EVERY day for lunch. It's funny how you never get bored of certain people even though you meet them every day, and that's because you found the right clique. I miss you guys very much. :(

My lunch gang

Finally, some pictures from company. :) The girls...

The girls

Members of my team :)

IC design colleagues and witch

And Max! Wah, Max if you're reading this, don't you feel so honoured that I dedicated a whole picture for you? *LOL* The truth is I couldn't find any group pictures with you in it. :P Anyway, I know you won't miss me since every time I called you, it was to log a call and give you a problem to solve. *LOL* But I really wanted to thank you for the great support and help you provided to me all these years. I now know how valuable you are, if you know what I mean. :P

Max and witch

Thank you a million to all of you! You all know where I am now, so never feel shy to call or find me if you happen to be around ok?


Hai Seong said...

how come dont have my pic one? i arrange farewell date 1 on 1 with u, then you put my pic also, ok ok? :)

chiaoju said...

YAY SICKAWANS! MAY OUR POWERS LAST FOREVER! woot woot... =) see ya in July!

MisSmall said...

Here's hoping that you feel better soon, hun, and that you settle in your new life in KL like a breeze. :)

Borneo Falcon said...

I hope I get such farewell dinner/lunch when I resign one day

foongpc said...

So many photos! You are lucky to have so many friends to spend your farewell dinner with you!

Hope you are starting life anew in KL! : )

Anonymous said...

aiyo I am offended D.... even ah boay got invited to your farewell...and I didn't... and worst I didn't get a mention in your post. Note to self.. never help female colleague change care tire and jump start her car with your own 20year old car that may die any minute

Ah Louk

iamdoryfish said...

miss you~

Plazzy said...

Ah Loke ... facebook problem

Irenelim said...

So many photos of great people! Nice sharing... how come no photos of me in it? lol. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

anyway, it's good that you've left the company.... :)

iamthewitch said...

Hai Seong: My farewell is over dy... :P You can arrange a welcome dinner with me.

chiaoju: Yay! See you in July too! :)

MisSmall: Thanks so much babe. Same goes to you :)

Borneo Falcon: I'm sure you will! :)

foongpc: I'm lucky indeed. :) And I'm trying my best to settle down here. Although I don't mind someone local bringing me around once in a while *hint*

Ah Loke: It's really not my plan Ah Loke. :( I thought they would invite you as well since they're the organizers! Of course I still remember the time you helped me change car tire. And jumpstarting my car. They are all still fresh in my mind. Don't be mad ok? I promise the next time I go to Penang I'll buy you lunch. :)

iamdoryfish: Me too!!! *HUGS*

Plazzy: A little help here :P

Irenelim: Haha... Yea, you didn't organize farewell lunch with me. :P I thought we should go for Japanese buffet one day? When are you free?? :)

New Kid on the Blog: Thanks my dear. May I know who you are? Do you know me in person? :)

Irene said...

Wish you're settling down fine there. I missed you! We just had a lunch on Monday, I wished you're there too. Take care.

iamthewitch said...

Irene: I'm settling down fine here dear. I miss you too! Having lunch without you guys is never the same. :(