Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I just want to pen down how I feel...

It started with a mild discomfort when I was trying to read a document. The vision was somehow distorted. It was not blurred. Just distorted. Like I was hallucinating, or disoriented. It was weird. But I knew what was coming up. It was a dangerous warning of a something bad ahead. It was all too familiar. Whatever I was seeing, the images seemed to lag a few seconds behind. It gradually grew worse to a mild headache.

The discomfort was irritating since I couldn't concentrate on my work. My head spun once in a while, but if I settled down and calmed myself, I felt slightly better. I wanted to stop the worse from happening, but I knew I had a slim chance.

Later, after 30 minutes, my head started throbbing. So much so I had to force myself to see the in-house doctor. Darn doctor didn't know what he was doing. I didn't care, I only wanted the MC to go back and rest. Luckily I got it. But wait, what did it say? Half day MC starting from 1pm. It was only 11.15am. How was I going to withstand it? The pain was growing exponentially and then, I felt nauseous. I rushed to the nearest toilet and puked and puked. Grossed me out.

I thought things would get better after relieving, but boy, was I wrong. I tried to concentrate on my work. 11.30am. I told myself I would leave at 12pm. 30 minutes wouldn't be so bad, right? No, another bout started to kick in and I had to rush to the toilet. Where in the world did I get all those liquid in my body? I didn't even eat much during breakfast. 11.45am. I told myself, this was it. I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to go home.

Home indeed. Needless to say, my first visit was to the washroom to do you-know-what. Argh... Why didn't the headache just go away? The stench was horrible. I then forced myself to sleep, but the pain was not unlike a tight ring clutching inwards on my skull. It was painful beyond words and I was desperate to fall asleep. To be numb. Thankfully I managed to go into slumber in the end, for a good 3 hours. Waking up after that, I felt much better but still a subtle aching feeling at the back of my head.

I forced some bread into my stomach since I did not eat anything since breakfast. Slept another 2 hours after that, and felt as good as new. Or that's what I thought. What the hell was that? Was it migraine? Was in something worse? Was it just a normal headache?

I checked the internet for migraine and it gave the similar symptoms that I experienced:
  • partial obstruction of the visual field - Check
  • feeling of heaviness - Check
  • sensitivities to light, movement - Check
  • nausea or vomiting - Check
Am I suffering from migraine? *gasp*


david said...

Oh my...Are you ok now?

Are you understress?

Does this happen to you very often?

iamthewitch said...

David, I'm fine now... :) I must take note to go check with specialist some time soon.

Hmm, I think I'm constantly under stress! :P Well the last time I had this was probably 2 years ago... not that often, but this is not my first.. Thanks for your concern btw :)

david said...

I suspect in your meal, there's not enough Vitamin B. Do you take banana, potato, bread, meat...etc etc?

Vitamin B2 & B12 is tested clinically to prevent migraine.


Maybe you should do this:
"a banana a day, keep the migraine away... "


iamthewitch said...

Hehe.. Well if that's really the case, I won't mind eating banana everyday because I love it! :) I should probably consider taking multivitamins with B complex as well, if that's the case huh? :)