Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Valentine away from home...

This is the first time I'm celebrating Valentine's day away from my own country, and it really only adds sweetness to this special day. It may have been a hyped up and overly commercialized day but tell me which girl does not LOVE being the centre of attention during the day where you see lovebirds almost in every direction? *LOL* I definitely had a pleasant and sweet surprise during my holiday in Bali last week.

The whole day was just splendid, except for during the afternoon, where we had to walk under the sun to tour Kuta, a town in Bali. Imagine walking under the hot sun for almost 4 hours! I literally could feel my skin burning even though I was using an umbrella. There was one time where I was walking along a row of stores selling handicrafts and souvenirs, so naturally that area was filled with foreigners. I was, as usual, using my umbrella, and some British (I think) guy said to me, "Is it raining out there?" and I laughed out loud! Then I realized that NO ONE was using an umbrella at all. Well, I couldn't stand the heat so I still used anyway. :)

After the exhausting walk, we headed back to the hotel and I went for a much needed and well-deserved massage and facial. My, was I pampered! It was 2 full hours of bliss and tranquility, which I wanted to last forever. I came out feeling renewed and rejuvenated, just in time for dinner. ;)

Since we're away from home, I wouldn't expect anything being planned out in a foreign land. Was I wrong! Saucer had everything planned out nicely! There was a car just outside the hotel lobby waiting to pick us up right after we got ready for dinner. He wouldn't tell me where we're going so I just kept quiet and waited. The only drawback to the night was the rain. :( Still, it did not dampen my mood so I was eagerly looking forward to dinner.

We reached a place just by the seaside (Sharkey's) and we're led into the restaurant to a table nicely prepared with white and red table cloths. With candle light, no less. And best of all, it was facing the beautiful sea. :)
The table
Table with sea view

I was all smiles, thinking that it was really a sweet gesture to have everything planned out. But there was still more! The owner of the restaurant presented me with a bouquet of fresh roses and I almost wanted to cry. Thank you Saucer, you couldn't have made it any sweeter. ;)
Roses from Bali

Sharkey's is a seafood restaurant, so we got to choose our dishes from their selection of seafood catch of the day. There was fish...
BBQ Grouper
BBQ Grouper

fried squids...
Fried Squid
Fried fresh squids

yummy clams with oyster sauce...
Clams with oyster sauce
Clams with oyster sauce

and vegetables. (Most restaurants only serve kangkung, I wonder why...)

The seafood was all fantastic, except that I have tasted fresher groupers before. I thought that if the grouper was cooked in another way to camouflage the un-freshness, it would have been perfect. Still, no complaints :)
Orange juice
Orange juice

Halfway through our meal, there was a 3-piece band who came by and sang for us. The lead singer saw the roses and commented on how romantic everything was. They aptly sang "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You", which really melted my heart. :)) There was another Chinese song that they sang, which I couldn't really comprehend. :P

Band and I
witch with the band

Sigh... What a splendid way to end the evening. Loved the night to bits!

witch with her valentine ;)

P/S: I brought the roses all the way back from Bali! Here is what happened to them now :P
Roses from Bali


fir3man said...

Happy V-day. That's a great man there, definitely a romantic one.

"one package" haha!

Been busy with cny and work. The article that I promised you is still in progress, will update you once it's up in English ;)
(now writing the chinese version)

iamthewitch said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too! Share with my your celebration :) Aiya, I wait for your article till my next month period also came and gone dy :P And I can't read Chinese!! *sob*

ablogaway said...

wow, how romantic! you must be one lucky girl :)