Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Paddington House of Pancakes flips my heart right

For those who read my previous post, they would have known of my love for pancakes. That particular post caught the attention of Queensbay Mall and they kindly invited me for a food sampling at the Paddington House of Pancakes, Queensbay Mall. I have always been a frequent visitor of Paddington HOP, for I love the way they serve their pancakes, regardless of savoury or sweet, they do it just right.

The decor in the restaurant is very straightforward and classy, nothing too extravagant and nothing too fancy. Waiters there are also very friendly and always with a smile on their face. :)

Interior of Paddington HOP, Queensbay Mall

One thing amazing with Paddington HOP is how they can come up with a HUGE variety in their menu, all with pancakes as their main theme. I mean, whoever thought pancakes could actually go well with so many things instead of just the usual maple syrup, honey and peanut butter? It definitely takes some time to finish scouring the menu and another longer time to decide what to order! We're definitely spoiled spoiled spoiled for choice. The owner even told me that they're going to revamp the existing menu and come up with a new one in the next 3 months! Do you know what that means? Further spoiling! :P
Extensive Menu

Before settling on what to order, the kind waiter suggested that we get some drinks and I ordered the Banana and Mango shake. I LOVE both mango and banana, so this combination is heavenly.

Banana and mango shake

My friends ordered the Blueberry, yoghurt and honey shake and mango fizzy drink, both of which were splendid.

Blueberry, yoghurt and honey shake

Mango fizzy drink

After making up our fickle minds, we placed our orders and waited in anticipation. Food arrived in a timely manner and was served piping hot! The first dish we ordered was a type of Galette, or buckwheat crepe, called Brussels. I have always fancied Galettes due to the fact that they have wheat in it, and fiber is always good. :) Brussels come served with a sunny side up, bacon and a generous helping of cheese, all baked to perfection. The flavourful bacon goes very well with the thin pancake, which in itself is just flour. Hence, eating both of them together is definitely a tickle to your taste buds.

Brussels (Bacon)

Then, the next dish arrived, which was a type of pancake burger. Introducing the Mexican double beef burger, with a twist! Instead of normal burgers with bread, this burger comes with pancakes and a dash of sesame seeds on top. Definitely looks like burger bread but tastes so much better! The people at Paddington HOP makes the pancakes oh-so-fluffy and delicious, making a normal burger taste fantastic.

Mexican burger
Mexican double beef burger

Mexican burger
Mexican double beef close up

The final savoury pancake that we ordered was called Tokyo, which was a recommendation by the waiter. It is served with a chicken thigh, turkey ham, cheese and thin pancakes with vege stuffings. I never knew pancakes could go so well with chicken, really. You really have got to try it out to believe it for yourself.
Tokyo (chicken thigh with ham)
Last but not least, stuffed as we were, we could not resist from ordering the sinfully rich dessert pannekoek - Chocolate and peanut butter roll (no. 810 on menu)! This is really the star of pancake desserts! Imagine heavenly chocolate and peanut butter with crunchy peanuts, all rolled into one pancake, not unlike the Swiss roll.. One cut of the chocolate peanut butter roll gets the chocolate anxiously oozing out to impress. Start chewing on it and you get the blissful blend of chocolate with peanut butter, not forgetting the crunchy peanuts to go with it! Couple that with a generous scoop of chocolate ice-cream... Can things get any better??? Writing about it just ignites my craving for this fabulous dessert again! This is highly recommended by the witch and I urge you to feedback to me if you are not satisfied with this! (Then I will reply saying you have a problem with your taste buds... joking! *LOL*)

Chocolate peanut butter roll (810)

Chocolate and peanut butter roll

Chocolate peanut butter roll (810)
Did I manage to get you drooling yet???


cat said...

i wish to have some pancakes for tea break now! :P

iamthewitch said...

I know! So tempting... but we shall take care of our waistlines... LOL

ablogaway said...

Yummy yummy. Luckily I just had my lunch, or else you'll gonna rush me to Paddington HOP now :)