Thursday, February 21, 2008

Of good rooms and great views

Bali has been known to many as the place to go for peace, tranquility, relaxation and rejuvenation. However, one must be smart in choosing a suitable and nice hotel/resort to achieve all that. Choose a hotel in the middle of the busy city or at the road sides of sleazy stalls, and you would never want to return to Bali anymore. Therefore, I put in extra effort to search for the perfect hotel for my stay, nothing too pricey but not too cheap either. I took the fuss-free option of choosing via the AirAsia website so that I can book both the flight tickets and hotel stay in one package. After much scrolling and price comparison, I found the perfect spot in Nusa Dua, called the Swiss Belhotel Bay View. Many would say that Nusa Dua is a place for the rich and famous, and hence the hotels here would cost a premium. This hotel is rated 4 stars and by booking early, I managed to get the rate of approximately RM200 per night, with daily breakfast and free shuttle to the Kuta city.

Read through my post and you will agree with me that it was money well spent! :) Reached the Bali airport at night, welcomed by the sweet bell boy from the hotel, Budi. According to him, Swiss Belhotel is the highest hotel in Bali and thus provides a magnificent view.

At the lobby

The next morning, I took the opportunity to explore the hotel before going for the complimentary breakfast. It has two swimming pools, one at ground level and one at level 6, overlooking the magnificent Nusa Dua and the sea. The ground level pool is just gorgeous and huge!
Swiss Belhotel Bayview Nusa Dua pool
Hotel ground floor pool
Ground level pool
Hotel ground floor pool

I then proceeded to the restaurant called Sky Terrace, located at the 6th floor. This is very accurately named because once you're up at level 6, there is a beautiful view of Nusa Dua and it is possibly very close to the feeling of dining in the sky. :)
Sky Terrace
Sky Terrace

The decoration in Sky Terrace is very Balinese with all the Balinese wooden furniture and the arts screaming out loud.
Swiss Belhotel Bayview Nusa Dua Sky Terrace
Sky Terrace indoors

The buffet spread was nothing too splendid but it was the view and the surroundings that mattered the most, yes?
Sky Terrace breakfast
Sky Terrace Buffet breakfast spread

The breakfast I had was simple but sufficient. I especially loved the chicken porridge which was flavourful and smooth, if you know what I mean.

Sky Terrace breakfast Sky Terrace breakfast
Breakfast at Sky Terrace

Now here is the gem of the hotel... the swimming pool located just outside of Sky Terrace. If you swim to the far edge of the pool, you can actually have a breathtaking view from above! More so if you swim in the evening, there will be a brilliant night scene from no other than the pool. Isn't that so very romantic? :)

Sky Terrace pool
Amazing pool

Then one can opt to dine alfresco just next to the pool or dine indoors in Sky Terrace. Of course, during the day time when the sun is shining hot, I would definitely choose the indoors! *LOL*

Sky Terrace poolside Sky Terrace breakfast
Poolside dining or indoors?

Sky Terrace
The witch was here! ;)

Later in the evening, I went for a pampering session at the in-house spa, called Kawas Spa. The entrance to the spa itself already boasts of serenity. And true enough, I did find serenity from within!

Kawas Spa
Kawas Spa @ Swiss Belhotel Bay View

Apart from the magnificent surroundings of the hotel, the room itself must not be short of comfortable. The Deluxe suite that I booked is so huge, it makes me just want to stay in most of the time.
Deluxe suite living room
Spacious Living room

Deluxe suite dining room
Dining area

The bathroom area is clean and new, with rather contemporary design.

Deluxe suite bathroom Deluxe suite bathroom Deluxe suite bathroom

Finally, the bed is luxurious and cosy, definitely worth every penny.
Deluxe suite bedroom

The only drawback during my stay though, is that I was there during the rainy season where there were strong winds every night. Due to the presence of a door leading to the balcony from the bedroom, there's always a howling sound whenever a strong wind blew, which affected my slumber.

Still, with such a great view overlooking the sea, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, I really would not complain. ;)


Falcon said...

Bali looks so beautiful..I wanna go but no money!!nice Pics

iamthewitch said...

Yes it's beautiful indeed! Must go some day... book with Air Asia early and it won't be that expensive ;)