Friday, March 21, 2008

Aftermath of diarrhea

It has been 1 week and 3 days now, and I can't even say it's an aftermath yet because it's not over. This is horrible, diarrhea that is. It was last Tuesday morning when I had my first bout of diarrhea right after I got out of my bed. That's right, immediately out of my bed and I was hunting for the dear toilet, half asleep and delirious (it was 6.45am after all). The pain was close to unbearable and I was cursing for what happened to me just when I was about to start a brand new day. Well, after that episode, I went to work as usual, hoping that the worst had gone by.

But boy, was I wrong! The same pain attacked me again just after I reached the office. I was so grateful that I could walk to the toilet, ok maybe I ran a little, just in time before it was too late. You get my drift. Anyway, after that, I felt much better and there were no more such diarrheas for the rest of the day. I thought everything was fine, until at night I suddenly felt feverish. I was down with a temperature (how ironic, the way this sentence sounds).

Thanks to my trusty herbal tea which I drank and went to sleep after, I woke up the next morning feeling almost as good as new. I felt the normal, except that I didn't have much of an appetite. For the next few days after that, my stomach was occasionally making growling sounds, very uncomfortable, as if something was brewing within me, something not good of course. And it always felt bloated and full of air. Oh and that occasional diarrhea would just visit me at the most ungodly hours!

The worst part of this incident, in my opinion, is that I lost my wonderful appetite! That is just so awful. Imagine looking at ice-cream, yet having no desire for it? Or decadent chocolate cake desserts and STILL no cravings? Oh and don't get me started on rice, our staple food. I thought something went very wrong with me, until I had no love for rice anymore. A few days ago, I went out for lunch with my colleagues and what did I eat? A char siew dumpling, an egg tart and a char siew pastry! That was all and they made me feel full for the rest of the day, so much so that I did not even feel like having dinner at night. That, my friend, is something you would not want to experience. Who would want to be enemies with food? I know I wouldn't.

Until today, I still can't say I'm fully recovered yet. My grandmother made me my favourite and best-in-the-world chicken chop and fried shrimps and I already felt that I couldn't eat after 2 bites! Gosh, I used to be able to finish more than 1 chicken chops you know. Well comparatively, I am able to eat a little bit more but I still have no desire for ice-creams or chocolates. That is something incredibly wrong, if I might add. I hope that my occasional diarrhea would completely die off and my good friend called the appetite will come back to me again. Man ,how I miss having to crave for food!


Irene said...

Poor girl. Take good care, ya. Hope you will fully recover soon! I heard many Avagons have got this symptom, not sure if it's cafeteria food or not.

iamthewitch said...

Avagon? That's a new term I learn :P Thanks for your concern... I'm much better now after seeing a doctor :)